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Random Thoughts to Close September

* If you missed my comment, I did go to the doctor on Tuesday. I have no damage to the eye, but I am currently using some eye drops that are like pouring salt onto an open wound ... in my eye. I still have some blurry vision, but at least it looks better. It looks like three days after getting punched in the eye instead one day later. And if you have no idea what I'm talking about, click here to read about the incident. * This fourth week of 100 push-ups is tough. Very tough. Like "girl" push-up tough. But I like the new phrasing -- "alternative" push-ups. I would say in my two workouts this week 80 percent of the push-ups have been "good form," but I've had to drop to my knees for some. It's still one hell of a workout though. I closed out tonight with 30 good-form push-ups and felt great. All told I did 115 push-ups tonight.

* Speaking of 100 push-ups, do a search on Twitter for #100pushupsrva - I've started a movement in Richmond. More details on that soon, I hope.

* I haven't had a solid run in Bedford for almost a year. I'll get that opportunity this weekend. Looking forward to the "loop" and then some.

* I'm done with monthly roundups. At least for now. I'm tired of focusing on numbers and that's what monthly roundups were becoming. Looking ahead to 2010, my goals need to become more focused than gathering up a lot of miles. I'm going to miss my mileage goals for this year and I'm really fine with that. Unless I set out to 1,000 running miles in a year, I don't see why I need to get caught up in all that. Simple numbers don't reflect how successful I feel. I'll probably still report out at the end of the year what my mileage numbers were, and I'll continue to log every little tenth of a mile, but I just don't want it to be a focus anymore. I want to pay more attention to numbers with speed or tempo runs or long runs.

* Speaking of speed, I had a pretty good session tonight at the gym. Two half-mile intervals that started at an 8-minute mile pace and ended at a 7:30 pace and a 1-mile interval/tempo run at 7:30. It felt great to push myself for that mile and to have a speed workout for a third straight week.