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Ready to continue the fight

Relay for Life, cancer, running What I did Friday night/Saturday morning at Relay for Life has left me with an empty feeling that running a race leaves me with -- I want more; I want "what's next" to be right now.

At this point, I'm not sure if it's the running that left me feeling this way -- it certainly was far short of a race performance -- or that a successful round of fundraising to fight cancer is over. I think it's a combination of the two. I have this double feeling of emptiness -- I am ready to train with more miles and run harder; I also want to do more to fight this disease.

I have things in mind, like DetermiNation that I mentioned in my last post, but I'm not quite ready to make a commitment to any particular event. It's tough. I also want to take part in Relay for Life again next year -- perhaps more than one. I have a desire to do more than what I've already done and it's almost like I'm not sure what direction I should go.

While I figure out what's next, I highly encourage everyone to get involved in running to fight something. While I'm passionate about fighting cancer, there are so many other things you can do.

It's easy as a runner to get caught up in a self campaign – I'm doing this, or I'm doing that, or I have this problem. Question yourself whether or not that's the type of runner you want to be.

If you're running for a cause, you're running for thousands. And those people could care less about how fast or slow you are. They'll be happy that you're fighting for them and, very possibly, saving their lives in the process.