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Recovery week issues

I've had such a solid string of good runs and good weeks that I forgot what it's like to have bad feelings. This week, though, has been one of those weeks in which I haven't had much good to say. So I've tried to say as little as possible besides my post about my August mileage. With this being the final step-back week before a few more intense weeks of training for the Baltimore Marathon, I got it in my head early in the week that I was going to rest and take it easy on my runs. What I didn't realize was the effort to take it easy would generate bad runs and bad thoughts.

I don't want to complain too much about how I feel, both physically and mentally, but I'm ready to move beyond this weekend and focus on the rest of September. It's crunch time -- I need to screw my head on straight, get through a few more long runs and then I'm there.

It's certainly not an easy task, but I'm ready for the challenge.