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Resetting before the race

Taper time doesn't mean running comes to an end, but in my case my body has had other plans. First it was the knee issue; today it was waking up with a temperature of 101. While I have had my fair share of sicknesses, I haven't been sick with a fever in a long time. So today has been a day of laying around, getting in a solid nap this afternoon and very likely falling asleep on the couch very soon. The good news is the fever has gone away (for now), but that doesn't mean I still feel that great. I've been thinking a lot today about what all this means: with less than 9 days until the Richmond Marathon, I feel like my body is resetting itself.

While I would never want to have the past couple of weeks go like they have, this isn't necessarily a bad thing. When I get to race day next week, what I have or haven't done in the recently probably won't impact my performance too much. The 10 months leading up to it are what will make a difference. The 960 miles I've ran -- probably 970 by then -- the PRs I've set in other races and my attitude are what will matter come Nov. 13.

It's not the perfect situation right now, but there's nothing else I can really do ... except rest up!