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Respecting recovery weeks

Last week I was in the funkiest of funky moods. I refrained from talking about running as much as I could. In addition to my mood, I wasn’t feeling all that great either. Combine those two things and I have what felt like a horrible week. Now that I’ve had a couple of days to bounce back, though, I realized that I let my mind and body settle into recovery week.

That’s not really a bad thing; I needed a cut-back week with my mileage and I needed rest. Tuesday's post about ending my "do something" streak was only a hint at how tired I felt. Add a few nights of going to be earlier, a couple of weekend naps and considerably less running miles – and less intensity – and I’ve come to the conclusion that I was completely lacking respect for the recovery week.

Nothing I did last week was bad, but if I had a little bit of a different attitude about things, I wouldn’t have felt as miserable as I did. Yesterday’s 8.3-mile run -- my longest non-long run in a while -- and today’s core workout were good, but I also have felt like they took a little more effort than usual because I let myself slip into a low.

I’ve written a lot on here and on Twitter this summer about staying focused – these next few weeks are so important for that. The Baltimore Marathon is just a little more than 5 weeks away – I have my highest mileage weeks ever to go, a couple of 20-milers to knock out and I have to maintain quality runs to hit my goal.

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