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Rude people

While the marathon enters the final stretch there's a lot of excitement going on, yet at the same time I have to continue to find things to motivate me. This week I think I have found it in other people's excuses. From other blogs to hearing Average Joe at the store, people complaining about why they don't do certain things has kept me going. This sort of leads me to the post on Observations I promised last week: rude people.

When on a trail or sidewalk or on the street, most runners, walkers and bikers say hello, tip a cap, wave a hello finger, give a half-ass smile ... something to acknowledge that you're out there doing the same thing -- exercising. Whether it's training for a marathon or to get a breath of fresh air or just because they like it, we're all out there for the benefit of ourselves. But it's the select few that often make me bitter. There is a small percentage of people out there who can't even make eye contact. Perhaps it's the fear of being attacked or they're just flat-out rude - whatever it is, it baffles me every time. Fellow blogger, Jason, has written about this before in a trail behavior entry. Believe me, this isn't a Richmond-only thing. If anything, it was worse in Lynchburg. And the few times I've been in middle-of-nowhere Ohio, it's been worse. And Jason shows it happens in West Virginia. I think maybe it's these people I overhear talking about being lazy or something - that's why I'm trying to make that connection.

Each time someone doesn't have some sort of reply back, I seem to run only harder, so maybe it's not a bad thing I encounter rude people. And the more excuses I hear and read about (mostly not from people on my list), the more effort I put into my run. So, please, keep it up. Your negativity is helping me out.