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Run for Relay update

As I write this just shy of 9 p.m. Thursday, I am just $110 from my initial goal of $500 for Relay for Life. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, for every $50 I raise I'll run a mile, up to 10 miles. Now that I'm so close to my goal, I want to raise the stakes a bit. First, though, I need to get to $500. If I get to that mark by 8 p.m. ET tomorrow, I'll announce what I'll do. Just a hint -- it involves hitting our team goal of $2,000. Fellow team leader Carrie has already announced that if we reach our team goal she will walk the entire 12 hours of the event, minus bathroom breaks. We're at 56 percent of our goal with 57 days to go, but that is absolutely no reason to not donate now.

In an email to friends of mine and on posts to Facebook, I have stated that we're doing these seemingly crazy things because cancer never sleeps. By stepping outside of our comfort zone and doing this for such a good cause, we will be reminded of the never-ending fight to end cancer. I think the words I used after last year's Relay sums this up well: "An inconvenient run is simple; battling cancer is not. But thanks to the many people who donated to this effort, we’re perhaps one day closer to winning the battle."

This year Relay for Life has lowered the minimum donation to just $5. While $5 might not sound like much, every little bit makes a big difference. To donate to my efforts, please visit my donation page.

8 p.m. update, April 8: A big THANK YOU to everyone who made it happen. I hit my $500 goal and then some today. Up next: getting to the team goal of $2,000. Do that and I'll up my running distance to a half marathon.