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Run, run, run ... and run some more

"If you want to be a better runner, you've got to run more. It's as simple as that." - Tom Fleming, running coach

The above quote came through in a daily email from Runner's World a month ago. Usually those quotes quickly get deleted in my inbox, but I hung onto this one. It stuck with me. It made me think a lot about my running streak in April and how great it felt.

So in the past few days I've been thinking about that quote, the streak and how great I feel this month -- a month in which I'm now over 120 miles, one of my highest mileage months ever. After the Virginia 10 Miler on Saturday, I've done what I've done a few times this year after a race -- I've just kept going. 2.2 miles Sunday; 4.1 miles Monday; and 4.4 miles today. The old me certainly wouldn't have done that.

I think runners don't take enough time to appreciate when things are going so well, but I'm not taking these moments for granted. Marathon training this time around has me more focused than ever and I can't wait to see what these final 45 days bring.