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Running on clouds

If there's a company out there than can promise me that their shoes will last 300 or more miles, I will be more than happy to provide a logo on my car; I'd wear their gear all the time; I'd never use a different brand, ever; and I'd write testimonials. Everybody is different - I know that. My slight over pronating likely causes my shoes to wear out quicker. But I've had people in running stores and many internet searches tell me that running shoes will last anywhere between 300 and 500 miles - I rarely have had shoes last more than 200 miles when it comes to comfort. Many of my shoes continue to live on for walking purposes, or everyday use, or for mowing shoes, but for running I have a cutoff point -- when my feet start hurting.

My most recent pair, the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 7s, were a big change from me after a year-plus of Asiscs. Then came this week when my feet starting hurting. When I looked at the tread wear, I was shocked to see that these shoes had worn out more than my older Asics 2120s. However, I had logged about 250 miles in those shoes. For yesterday's run, I actually ran in my older shoes, and things felt a little better. After work yesterday, I went back to the old school and purchased my second pair of Asics 2120s. And today, it was like I was running on clouds. It was like a reunion with a longtime college friend - we went out for pizza, grabbed a few beers and caught up on old times. Actually, I ran through the neighborhood slowly as I look at people's yard sales -- nothing too hard as a I gear up for tomorrow's 30K. But still, it felt so much better. No weird feet pain at all.

Will they last past 300 miles? Probably not, but I doubt I'll abandon my old friend again.