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Self doubt gone in a flash

4:04 p.m., my post on Twitter: It's funny and sad how a few days of being sick makes me want to stop marathon training. It'll pass, I hope What?

I left work early today after feeling craptastic for the past two days, and up and down for a week straight. I probably shouldn't have even been at work today. I even tried to call the doctor around 9 a.m. to figure out what was wrong with me, but fortunately really didn't have time to go today. With a little less than 11 weeks until the Richmond Marathon, getting sick and staying sick is not what I need.

Fast forward about a half hour.

I made a stop at Walmart, picked up some B12, Naked Juice and a regular Pepsi. Oh, and a new thermometer because ours was broken. No fever, thankfully.

Fast forward two hours.

I felt tremendously better.

Fast forward another hour.

I ran a couple of miles with my dog and felt pretty good. I figured I could go do another mile ... and another ... and another. 5 miles down.

Who knows if I'll pass out in a half hour and sleep like crazy, or if I'll feel bad tomorrow, but something worked tonight and it's time that I don't let that self doubt creep back again.