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Septemeber in Review

September was a very interesting month when it comes to everything in my life. With moving and being busy at work and getting sick all in the same week, I experienced one of my worst weeks of 2007. The 8 miles I logged between Sept. 3-9 was the lowest since March following the week of the Shamrock Half Marathon in Virginia Beach. But in the end, I stuck to a plan, didn't force any extra miles and finished with 119.6 miles for the month - exactly 10 more than August, but probably about 15 short of what I wanted to do. It's sort of a good news/bad news thing, but more good than bad really. My year total is 744.9 miles.

September included three "longest run ever" distances of 15, 16 and 18. Next month - the last full month of training before the Richmond Marathon - will likely see long runs of 20, 14, 20 and 14. The week before the marathon I'm shooting for 8 or more. My weekly goals hover in the mid- to upper 30s range, with a taper sort of beginning on Oct. 22. Recent Runner's World articles have me questioning how much to cut back and what exactly to do. (Click here to go to the site, then do a search for "Taper.") My plan is to be in the upper 20s to near 30 miles between Oct. 22-28, mid-20s Oct. 29-Nov. 4 and about 10 miles the week of the marathon.
I appreciate any advice more experienced runners may have. I'm basically following a plan I created from three other plans.