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Set a goal, get sick

1,138 days. That's how long of a streak I had since the last time I got sick. REALLY SICK, if you know what I mean. It's certainly a streak that I would have loved to have continued, but it's over. This week was going to be a week to get back to normal after some time off after Shamrock, but instead it's put a huge dent into my March miles and my confidence for the goal I put out there the other day for the Blue Ridge Half.

At least, from backtracking everything that happening in the day or two before I got sick, it was out of my control. In fact, on Monday night I told my wife that I feel like I had finally woken up from a week of being tired after Shamrock and a long weekend from an event at work.

My first run back yesterday afternoon after my unexpected time off felt like breathing through a straw, but it was a small victory in an otherwise awful week. I also got up this morning to get in a few miles and felt strangely normal.

After starting March off so well and having a great Shamrock, I'm now eager to get through the next few days and get to April and Q2. Great things are ahead ... as long as all stomach bugs stay away.