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Sham Rocked VI

2013 Shamrock Finisher

Cold. Windy. Too out of shape to race this course like I know I can.

2013 Shamrock_Finish

Today's Shamrock Half Marathon in Virginia Beach was the slowest of my 6 on this course. There's no shame, though, in setting a personal worst on this course in 1:49:32.

It wasn't for lack of testing what I had in the tank though.

I hit the first 3 miles in just a little more than 8 minutes each mile. I was feeling really good, so I pushed it.

7:36 for mile 4.

I knew, though, that kind of pace would just be too difficult to maintain. While it was fun to push it, I decided a couple of miles later when I couldn't get back to that pace to ease up.

It was around that time that the cross wind off the ocean just kind of cut through everyone like a knife. It was kind of funny to see everybody put their head down and try to fight through it.

As we hit mile 9 and headed down Atlantic Avenue, the wind eased off and I kept the pace cut back. I kept thinking to myself that if it's not going to be a PR day, it's still going to be a sub 1:50 kind of day. No need to push it any harder than that.

Coming down the final stretch on the Boardwalk, the race kind of lacked the same feeling it usually does. It was dreary, the ocean was rough, the sand was packed down after overnight rain, the wind was nuts again and the crowds just didn't have its usual intensity.

I threw my hands up at the finish just happy I didn't let the weather defeat me this time around. I fulfilled my goal of feeling good about what I did on the course. I really don't care about this being my slowest of my Shamrocks, but it will also be a fairly forgettable morning.

Today's race was just a small part of a great weekend that I'll save for another post later this week. For now, I want celebrate half marathon No. 17.