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Shamrock numbers and photos

Today I got the e-mail I always forget will show up a few days after the big race -- the photos from the Shamrock Half Marathon are posted! Click here to view my photos. I have never purchased any race photo ever. I'm not sure why. Maybe I keep thinking that next year I'll miraculously be 20 pounds lighter and be running in a skin-tight shirt showing off my buff body ... but that's a far-fetched dream. I do like that photo with the lighthouse -- it's always the coolest looking one. What's funny is I knew that's where the photographer usually is, but I didn't see him/her this year. The photo of me looking down at my watch is making the turn onto the boardwalk. I can remember doing that too and realized that I was going to beat 1:50. It's too bad I had already taken my sock sleeves off for the photos. That's one of my highlights! Glad I took that one of myself in the bathroom mirror beforehand. These photos also serve as a reminder to me that maybe next year I should buy some new shorts -- I've worn those same green ones three years in a row.

* * *

Here's a final look at the numbers from this year's Shamrock Half.

Chip time: 1:49:30 Clock time: 1:50:05 (I was in corral one which was for runners 1:50 or better, so it's reassuring to know I was in the right place.) 5 Mile split: 41:13

Overall place: 1,044 out of 5,996 Gender place: 741 out of 2,577 Age division place: 109 out of 356