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Shhhhh! My body has something to say

Go figure that after I write about lofty August goals that I suddenly felt miserable for a couple of days. After my post the other day, I felt kind of weird knowing that I was about to approach a week with less miles. Apparently I needed rest more than I realized. After a good run to kick off the week Monday, it was like I immediately started feeling bad. I gradually got worse yesterday, but have gradually gotten better today after opting to take my first two-day rest break from running in this training cycle. It's my first two-day break since mid-June.

The timing of this is pretty good since I was planning to cut back to about 25 miles this week. Of course I can still hit that with more miles in the second half of the week, and I have no urge to "catch up" if I fall behind. It's a built in recovery week for a reason. If i happen to run fewer miles than I planned, it's not a big deal. I'll adjust however I need to. The body has never lied to me before.

* * *

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