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Shoe check

To the guy who talked me into buying Brooks Ravenna at the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon race expo in Virginia Beach: thank you. My running life has never been better. When things are going good, I often fail at talking about what is really working. And since last Labor Day weekend, things have just worked well when it comes to shoes. After a good summer in another brand and another model, I was very hesitant to make the switch to Ravenna. If one thing was working, why would I switch?

Well, I did switch for whatever reason and it's worked even better than I expected. I am now in my fourth pair of Ravennas, alternating between two pairs. I quietly retired pair No. 2 on June 28 at 310.7 miles. Pair No. 3 have 127.2 miles; and pair No. 4 is just shy of 20 miles. I'm not sure what the original pair got since I wasn't keeping close track of shoe mileage the last part of 2009 -- they lasted from Labor Day until February, getting more than 105 miles in them in 2010. No matter what the overall mileage was, I'm happy with the shelf life.

Shoes will come; shoes will go; shoes will be discontinued; shoes will change. I know all this, but I'm focused on the now and I'm focused on continuing this good thing I have going on. And these shoes are a huge part of that.