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Shoes for Shamrock

Saucony Mirage, Shamrock Half

On Sunday, I ran 14.1 miles in a shoe not named Brooks Ravenna, the first time that's happened since fall 2009.

No major pains the day of and after.

Barring disaster on the final long run this week, Saucony Mirage will be my race shoe for the Shamrock Half on March 18.

I would write a longer review, but the only thing I really have to say is I like these shoes a lot. My transition of wearing them once or twice a week has gone well, and I've gradually increased my mileage in them each week.

My Sunday test for a long run was risky, but I was comfortable in making that move. I feel very confident in making this switch for Shamrock and that these shoes will be a huge factor in getting me a PR.