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Shoes, good deals and birthdays

I am often called "crazy" because I run. "That's just crazy." "I can't believe you did that; that's crazy." Well, us crazy runners are just like everybody else -- we love a good deal. My wife laughs at me because I hate to pay more than $10 for a shirt or $15 for pants -- even that's a stretch. And when it comes to running, I love a good deal. And during last night's second #runchat on Twitter it appears that nobody else likes to pay "regular" price for anything.

Some sites that were shared:

In addition to talking about good deals and how much running costs (not including races), #runchat participants discussed their favorite shoes (or the lack thereof), shorts and shirts, among other things. I heard of several brands for the first time. There was also a lot of birthday talk after the chat ended -- I mentioned my birthday is next week and apparently it's a highly popular week for birthdays. The discussion of money became such a hot topic that I didn't get around to many of the planned questions.

Thanks to everyone who took part last night. It was quite a challenge keeping up with things without Scott from iRunnerBlog, who is on vacation in Iceland right now. Scott and I will talk once he gets back about when the next #runchat will be. We'll post information on both our sites as well as Twitter once we figure that out.