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Sick? No. Just worn down

If you could hear me talk right now, it sounds like I have something stuck in my throat. It's the deep sexy losing-my-voice sound. I ask myself if I'm sick or am I just worn down with the baby ... or am I having side effects from my weekend flu shot. The one and only other time in my life when I got a flu shot, I immediately got sick. It's been downhill ever since I got it Friday.

I haven't gotten a workout in for a couple of days, so the 8k is out this weekend. I'm setting my sights on a Turkey Trot if we travel to see my family on Thanksgiving. I'm actually taking better care of myself from an eating standpoint than I usually do, so I'm not worried yet about losing my endurance that I got rolling in the past few weeks.

This seems to happen every year to me -- it's like my body saying hey, it's almost winter, don't do anything. With a gym membership in my pocket, that's not going to happen this time around.