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Slowly, but surely

So within the past few days, I've had two runs of more than two miles with no pain. Right now, though, I feel like my confidence is missing. It's like I'm thinking about it too much with each step. I'm overly worried about hurting myself rather than concentrating on enjoying the run. My plan over the next couple of weeks or is to run every other day and mix in biking and weight lifting. I'll slowly build my mileage up as I see fit, with the goal of getting back to 15 to 20 miles a week toward the end of June. Running on back-to-back days isn't something I really want to get back into for a little while.

My two-plus miles today were in the 9-minute mile range, so I've very happy with that. With the general thinking that training runs are 60 to 90 seconds slower per mile versus races, I'm right where I need to be when I'm ready to do another race.

Right now, I need to get my running confidence back and just continue to stay focused on getting into good, overall shape. And I need to be content that I've managed two decent runs without any pain.