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Solo turkey trot

The "Do-I-have-an-injury-or-not" question has been running through my head like crazy this week. After a visit to my chiropractor and a couple of more days off, I headed out for a run today to see how I felt. I thought about doing a turkey trot at my in-laws in Ohio, but would spending $20 make sense if my knee hurt? No need to risk a DNF and the possibility of further being mad at myself.

My wife and I headed to a nearby paved trail so she could also do a run/walk and I could just see how I felt. My general plan was to run easy for a half mile, then push it for a couple of miles.

I ended up pushing it for a 5k. My time was 25:08; had I been paying closer attention to my watch, I probably would have pushed it to under 25 minutes.

I felt sluggish and slow, which if that's the case two weeks after the marathon following minor knee issues and still get in a good pace, then you won't hear me complain.

I felt a little discomfort in my knee, but it wasn't like before. There's some work to be done, but I'm not as paranoid or as scared about it as a few days ago.