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Some more excuses

Low 90s in April? Sure enough. Add that to the crazy-high pollen levels in Richmond and you've got yourself a few more excuses for April being a bad month. And that, to some degree, is what this month has become - a bunch of excuses. But I will not apologize for my allergies putting a dent in things and making me unnecessarily paranoid that I may instead be coming down with N1H1 (aka the swine flu). This month is simply a rest month, thankfully. Had I continued with my original plans, I would have participated in the duathlon this past weekend with temperatures in the low 90s. With no transition to that temperature, I would have hated it out there. So anyway, yes, April is continuing to drag along when it comes to working out. Last week was actually pretty good though - I ran 12 miles, biked 8 and got in a couple of elliptical machine workouts. While I have lost some of my endurance gained in the first few months of the year, I'm in a much better place this year than last year heading into the spring and summer training months. Let's hope this time I don't fall down any stairs ...