Some sort of normalcy

With being sick, having a baby, experiencing strangely cold weather and catching up on work, this month has definitely been off when it comes to working out. Last week was pretty much a rock bottom with the sickness, but instead of worrying about "starting over," I've tried to resume some normalcy this week.

It hasn't been all that much, but I've gone to the gym a couple of times to get some short workouts in, including a good 3.4-mile run last night. I felt pretty good. Once all this snot is 100 percent out of me, it'll be even better. A few more hours of sleep this weekend will certianly help too. Tomorrow I plan to resume my mini-duathlon with some sort of run-bike-run routine. It'll probably be short, but it's a must.

I haven't decided on the Turkey Trot next week. We'll be visiting family in Bedford, so I'd do the one in Lynchburg. I need a few more good runs before doing it. I certainly won't be trying to set any records, but I'd like to still be able to hit around 24 minutes. We'll see ...