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Specific, but simple, goals

I set a personal worst last month with number of blog posts in a calendar month. It was also the lowest running mileage month for me in a couple of years. The two are definitely somewhat related. I also moved again in June. I ate too much crap in June because it was easy to. I pushed myself to the exhaustion limit as I stayed up way too late too many times.

Even when I tried to do something great with my running in a 5k, the race distance came up short. I guess that was fitting as that just felt like the theme of my month when it comes to my overall health.

It was a great month, though, in that my wife and I de-cluttered. We had a successful yard sale over the weekend; tons of boxes of stuff that didn't sale were donated.

While some work remains, I feel a huge burden lifted off my shoulders with endless stuff I don’t need out of the way.

I flip the calendar without any other rehashing of specific areas of June. For my 13 goals for the year, things mostly stayed on track surprisingly. I don't feel like sorting through the details, though, as I am ready to move on and focus on these next couple of months.

While I'll still focus on those overall goals for the year, I want to make a list of 3 specific, yet simple, things this month and then revisit them at the end of the month to see how I’m doing. These goals take me back to a time a few years ago when I focused a lot on numbers – they worked well then, so I want to see how I feel about doing this again.

1. Weigh in on July 2 and be 2.5 pounds lighter by July 30

As I said, June was a bad month. I don’t know if I gained weight or what, but I feel bad. And if weight is “just a number,” right now that number feels bad. This will also help in my overall goal of the year of getting below 180.

2. Bike 30 miles I’m less than halfway to my 200-mile goal for the year and going above what I've done in previous months will help.

3. Run 80 miles In March, April and May I ran a little more than 80 miles each month. I was feeling pretty good in early June, but didn't even hit 60 for the month. 80 miles will build consistency and base miles for more training in August.