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Starting slow in 2010

So a nice little cold has kicked off my year, but that's not stopping me from my goal this month -- 31 exercises in 31 days. Since my clogged head didn't want to run yesterday, I opted for 30 push-ups to kick off the year. Here's to hoping this jump-starts the 100 push-up challenge again this month. As for today and still feeling bad (plus I didn't bring any running clothes with me to visit my brother-in-law in North Carolina), it may be a Nintendo Wii type of exercising day I have to let that count for at least one of my days, so why not get it out of the way now when I'm not feeling great? I hope by tomorrow afternoon I can get in my first run of 2010 -- "official" training for the Shamrock Half can't wait any longer, nor can the hard work to shed a few pounds.

Lastly, with my "31 in 31" kickoff to 2010, I'm looking for some alternative, but easy exercises to do this month. This is meant to be a simple way to do something different every day in addition to my usual running. If you know of anything that might not be obvious, please let me know in the comments section!

Happy New Year everyone!