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Staying on two wheels, for now

To sum up my left foot injury in one word, I must say that it's annoying more than anything else. It's like a silent injury. It came from nowhere in the race and now it's playing mind games. In the past few days, it hasn't hurt when I get up in the mornings and it doesn't bother me during the day. When I take my dog on a walk it doesn't hurt, but as soon as I make an attempt at running it hurts.

On Thursday, I ran a half mile and it didn't really bother me. But on Friday, it did. And today it did. So, instead of forcing myself to run, I'll just continue to not run for a couple of more days before I try it again. It's not really an intense pain like it was when it first started -- it's just dull and annoying. It sort of feels like a bad bruise that's almost gone.

In the meantime, I'm amazed at how quickly I've gotten used to riding a bike. If this is what I have to do every day for a little while to stay in shape, then I'm OK with that. I'm approaching April as a month to get healed. If I can get to May without being hurt, then I'll have plenty of time to be in tip-top shape for the Rock and Roll Half. All these goals of setting PRs in other distances will take a back seat until I'm 100 percent.