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Streaking through the holidays

Duke, Peaks of Otter, Bedford In the past two years, one of my top moments was running at least a mile every day for a month. I learned a lot about myself in April 2010 with how to push through tired legs if I needed to, how to still get effective rest even without taking a full rest day, and how to just enjoy running.

Peaks of Otter

I've thought a lot about doing a streak since then. At one point earlier this year I made it a goal to streak in June, but I pulled out of those thoughts in the last minute as I continued to build mileage after my injury.

As the end of the year approaches and I stay focused on the "end it stronger than I begin it" goal, my eyes lit up at the inaugural Runner's World Holiday Run Streak -- simply run at least a mile every day between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day to take part.

Even though I have cut back on my mileage this month, I am becoming more and more passionate about running -- I know how the highs and lows can come and go, and right now I am eager to carry this high into 2012. To me, the Holiday Run Streak is a perfect opportunity to discover new things with running and to push myself at a time of the year that I've never really pushed myself.

My plan is as easy as the streak sounds -- on my normal non-running days, I'll stick to the 1-mile approach for a rest day. If I have to get up early to run a mile I'll do it; if I have to wait until 10 p.m., I'll do that too. If it rains or snows or ices, I'll run. On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, I'll run. If I drink too much, I'll still run the next day.

Yesterday's 5k and a run at the base of the Peaks of Otter this morning were a great way to kick this off. I'm excited about what this streak will hold as I head for two more 5ks in the next couple of weeks, as well as crossing 1,000 running miles soon. It's an absolutely perfect way to end 2011.