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Strong start to September

Day 1: 5.5 miles. Day 2: 5.1 miles. I've had two pretty good runs to kick off month No. 9 and get last week's bad week behind me. This week I finally created a Garmin Connect account, thus giving me more numbers to analyze in a more accurate fashion than trying to map the run myself. For example, in the two runs this week, I've had an elevation gain of 674 feet, with about the same in elevation loss. It's nice to actually see the hills that I'm running in those numbers and more accurately on a map. While I love Daily Mile, the self-mapping feature wasn't cutting it. You can view my Garmin Connect profile here. (There is an embedding feature that I can't quite figure out with my site right now.)

Now all I need to make this week complete is a solid long run Saturday morning ...