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Stuck in Week 4

The biggest challenge I am finding with the 100 push-ups program is the time to do it. And in the past two weeks I've hit a big conflict with day 3 of week 4. Last week was more of an excuse than anything, but if I did day 3, my exhaustion test would have been pushed into week 5 and then I would've been all thrown off. So instead of pushing it, I decided to redo week 4. Besides, my first week 4 involved some "alternative" form push-ups and I wasn't really happy with myself. My second attempt at week 4 went great on day 1 and day 2. Day 2 saw 118 total push-ups -- all good form. But as you read in my last post, I'm moving and the last two days of this week have been all about packing and getting my house ready to sell. That includes moving furniture around to stage the house, packing boxes, lots of cleaning and lots of lifting. And thanks to the 100 push-ups challenge, all that is much easier than I remember it.

At the same time, it's not easy. I'm wiped out tonight after 4 hours of shuffling around yesterday and a couple of hours of doing things tonight. My arms and the rest of my body do not have more than 100 push-ups in me today.

This isn't really a bad thing -- it shows that this program works. If I had to start moving a month or so ago, I'd be even more tired than I am now. I've lifted and moved furniture and boxes without thinking too much about it and without needing a long break. It's nice. But at the same time I want to do 100 push-ups in a row. So next week I'll redo week 4 again. I could do week 4 day 3 this weekend, but I'm already planning on some major furniture moving on Sunday, as well as some other finalizing of cleaning and getting the house fully ready to go on the market. That's on top of heading to Lynchburg in the morning to look for a place to live.

It's certainly some busy times, along with my last week of work in Richmond coming up, but I think I've built in some down time that'll keep me focused on my fitness a little bit. It's not easy, but it's a good time of the year for this to happen. In my move two years ago, I was in the middle of marathon training ... at least I don't have something like that going on right now.