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Stung in the eye

I was trying to think of a funny headline for this post or a long bizarre introduction to tell this story, but I can't. I'll just come out and tell you the strangest thing that's ever happened to me while running -- I got stung in the eye last night. It wasn't one of those deals where a bug flies in your eye and you rub it for a minute and it's gone -- I literally got stung in the eye. I was just starting off with my dog when all of a sudden it felt like someone stuck a knife in my eye. It hurt so bad. I rubbed it for a while and it got a little better, but didn't quite feel right. I started heading back toward my house, but it felt good enough to continue. So I ran with Duke for a little while longer, dropped him off and then ran a little bit more. When I came home to look at my eye it was red, but when I pulled at my eye a little bit I saw that the bug was still in my eye.

That's when it hurt again. This story isn't complete without telling you that I HATE sticking things in my eye. Hate it. You know that little air puff thing at an eye exam? It takes me forever to do because I move too quick. Anyway, I worked this thing out of my eye, tried to squish it and realized it was hard. And it had a little stinger on it. A hard bug with a stinger.

So last night I washed it out a bit and all seemed fine. Then in the middle of the night I woke up and my eye was crusted shut. It was pretty gross. And this morning it's quite puffy. There's a nice little white spot inside my eye where I apparently got stung. Looking at this computer screen is like having bad eye sight with one contact in my eye. It sort of feels like something is just stuck in my eye and I can't get it out.

I've had some weird things happen when running, but I can't think of anything that tops this. As long as things get better within the next day, this will just be a funny story down the road. Right now, though, it's pretty annoying ...