Almost a former blogger

Still rambling about running. Sometimes other things.


This past winter it was snow; this summer it's record-breaking heat. It seems like there hasn't been much in between that. This past weekend may have been the worst. It was just outright miserable. To beat the heat, I ran before the sun was up on both Saturday and Sunday, although I didn't really beat anything. On Saturday morning, I headed out at 5:30 a.m.; the temperatures were in the mid-70s with extremely high humidity. It was like running through mud. I'm not really complaining about it -- it is what it is. I did what I could to beat the worst of it and managed to do a pretty good job. If I complained about it, I would just stop running and do nothing, but instead I pushed through the hottest week of the year and ran 25 miles last week, my highest weekly total in a few months. I'm now less than 15 miles from 90 miles for July and 600 miles for the year.

While I continue my great year of mileage, my runs are staying a pretty good quality too. It's tough in the heat to have runs that I'm completely happy with, but I'm keeping in mind that this intense weather won't last forever. If I can survive this, it will make the fall seems so easy.