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No. 1,000

I haven't met a runner who doesn't enjoy a milestone. Longest run ever. PRs. 500 miles. 1,000 miles. Finishing a first 5k. Running a mile. I've had some great milestones since I started this in April 2007. Today is one of those that feels a bit weird — 1,000 posts. Of the previous 999 posts, there are many I don't remember. Most are forgettable.

Every so often, though, I write something that I will bookmark and re-read. In a way, it's how I measure my success, failures and other lessons learned. I don't blog to please anyone; I blog for myself.

It's no different than when I kept a journal when I was a teen, only this is public.

Sometimes too public. Sometimes not public enough for people who want more insight. Mostly, though, it's just the right amount for me to be able to reflect.

And that's what today is. A reflection on posts that I like -- some are posts that hold special meaning and continuously help me evolve; some are here because there's a memory attached to them.

In honor of my 1,000th post, here are some of my favorites:

My 1,000-mile journey It's bittersweet that my one-time huge mileage goal happened the way it did. I learned a lot of lessons in 2010 -- both good and bad -- and that post highlighted many of those moments.

Game changers This post isn't necessarily anything special, but for a couple of weeks in January 2010 everything changed. A cold long run in the rain; a mountain adventure with some friends through ice. It often takes getting out of my comfort zone to set me straight, and this post highlights those moments.

Sham Rocked III This is the race where I realized that PRs really aren't that important. Doing something that others say are impossible are. This was my first race as a dad in 2009 and one that I hold close to me whenever someone wants to talk about how busy their life is. Wake-up calls by babies in the middle of the night is not an excuse to not run, and I was determined to prove that in early 2009.

Attack of the gnats This post is one of the main reasons I do not run in the evening often, especially in the summer.

11 things my grandfather taught me Of all my 2011 "11 things" posts, this one is far and away my favorite. It's full of a ton of life's lessons.

I am a marathoner If I write a race recap of 500 words or more now, I go through it with a fine-toothed comb and edit it. Nobody wants to read mile by mile recaps. Really. My first marathon, though, and what I felt in the final miles became worthy of my longest post ever.

That feeling I had when crossing that finish line is a memory I'll hold onto forever.

12 things

I enjoyed doing "11 things" so much last year that I thought I would extend it to this year and call it "12 things." I will refrain from making any "rules" about it other than posting on the 12th day each month. While I want to be random or do ones with themes, I can’t promise that I won't talk about running. Simply put, 12 things will be whatever I want it to be – a list of 12 things. For my second 12 things list this year (my first was going to be my last), I give you this, in no particular order.

1. While I like upsets and good stories, I'll be rooting for the Patriots this weekend. Please don't think that means I hate Jesus.

2. I am about 2 months away from being able to get rid of my Blackberry. It was a cool phone initially, but I have grown to really despise a lot of things on it.

3. I started the 100 push-ups program again. Don't ask how many times this is.

4. My son told me the other day that his poop looked like a Christmas tree. I should have taken a picture ... because it did look like a Christmas tree.

5. I've had three salads this week.

6. I'm hooked on Words with Friends, so it may be a good thing that I only have a Blackberry right now.

7. Rumor has it that Dave Matthews Band and Steve Lillywhite are in the studio together again. This could go two ways -- the best album ever, or no album at all. There will likely be no in between.

8. "The Big Bang Theory" makes me wish I knew more about science.

9. For those who you complaining about the lack of cold and snow this winter, please don't complain if we get the biggest snow storm ever in the next month.

10. I keep thinking about shaving my beard, then I remember how much I hate shaving. I haven't even trimmed it in nearly 3 weeks.

11. I usually delete the Runner's World quote of the week, but I keep thinking about this week's quote from Desiree Davila and how it can apply to me: "Running is just you, the work you put in, and the clock. You can't cheat yourself. If you don't put in the miles, you can't go to the starting line thinking you're going to pull a miracle out of nowhere. You get out exactly as much as you put in."

12. I need more 12 things ideas ...

11 things: 11/11/11

Time to get back to some random things for my "11 things" post this month. 1. Today may be the coolest date in my lifetime. 11/11/11. It beats any of those other same number happenings for month/date/year in the 12 years it will happen in my lifetime.

2. October and November are far and away the best months of the year for so many reasons. Great weather, clearer skies, eating soup without feeling weird.

3. With each passing week, I'm getting closer to being a former NASCAR fan.

4. People keep adding me on Google+. It had potential, but it sucked. That is all.

5. There is no "s" on daylight saving time. Just like there is no "s" on Kroger.

6. For less than $5, you can get a broccoli and cheese baked potato and a large chili from Wendy's. It makes a great lunch.

7. Somebody danced a little too hard last weekend ...

8. I haven't  had a Magic Hat in a while. Somebody go buy me a winter variety pack please.

9. As much as I'd like to listen to Christmas music now, I'm holding firm to my stance of not listening to any until the day after Thanksgiving.

10. I'm going to the Virginia Safari Park this weekend. If you've never gone and you're within a couple hours of Natural Bridge, GO. It's a wild experience.

11. OK, so I have to mention something about running ... wait ... no. Nevermind. Enjoy the number 11 today.