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Give me my fun

A year ago yesterday it all unraveled -- I knew I was injured and I knew I probably shouldn't be running. My second marathon, though, was something I felt like I had to do.

I think it's taken me a year to figure out why. This gets into those weird conversations about the overused "everything happens for a reason" things, but despite a very solid 2010 with running, I know that I lost focus. My runs meant nothing -- they just become training runs for the sake of training runs.

This past weekend, as I had a solid run on Saturday, I realized how focused I am these days. Even though I am undecided on what marathon I want to do next -- there's no if this time around -- I am extremely focused on running just to run right now.

Running remains fun, and that's all I've ever wanted it to be. I've had fun in my "come back" this year and I can't wait to keep having fun as I close out the year.

Of course as I type this I'm at the peak of a horrible cold. I think it started at the end of last week and just got gradually worse over the weekend. This morning I couldn't hardly sit up for more than 10 minutes without being dizzy. I'm better this afternoon and am taking every step I can to get back out later this week for another run.

When I've been sick before, running is the last thing I think of, but today it's the first. It's all about having fun, and sitting on the couch all day hasn't been fun.