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Through the elements: January

Somewhere along the way in my blogging I stopped doing some sort of monthly reflection. And now that I'm back in full training mode, I think I've done myself a disservice doing that. Even in a down time, I think I should take a look back at the previous four plus weeks to look at the lessons learned, enjoy my successes one more time, figure out what went wrong and then forge ahead.

That being said, this January has been one of the craziest months I've experienced in a long time for many different reasons. It didn't start well at all -- I had a horrible cold and didn't get in my first run until Jan. 4 -- all of two miles. My big goal for the month was to do 31 exercises in 31 days -- "31 in 31" as I called it -- but that kind of fell apart after my big mountain run and was pretty beat up for a few days. However, I think it failed for more reasons than that -- I didn't plan well enough for it. Next time I try to do something like that, I have to plan it out better. Poor planning leads to poor results and I honestly did a poor job with that.

For a while this month, I was rolling along with the 100 push-ups program, but after falling in the mountains, my elbow was pretty sore for a few days, so I decided to take a week off with that. Things feel better now, so I hope that in February I can finally roll along with the program again. January surely wasn't a complete disaster with this though -- I did 591 push-ups overall.

January's biggest highlight has been with my running. When Jan. 1 hit, I decided that it was time to move on from the previous two years. For me 2010 was a complete new start and that there was no need to compare this year to previous years. It's not the easiest thing to do that, but I've pretty much have. It's quite liberating to look ahead instead of looking behind. I think a once-a-month reflection, and a big once-a-year review, is enough.

So with running, I can simply look at my mileage -- 75.3 -- and be happy with that. Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled about passing 75 miles for the first month of the year. But those 75-plus miles have been through a bad cold, through cold weather, in shorts, in pants, in rain, in some pretty decent weather, through ice over a mountain and in the past two days through snow. I've done things I had no idea I could do, and I've done many things I simply wouldn't normally do. Yesterday's 2.5-mile run through snow and temperatures in the mid-teens put the icing on the cake for this month.

The next time I'm ready to make an excuse, all I have to do is look back at January 2010 to know that no excuse is good enough. It's hard to believe all this has happened in the span of 31 days ... here's to the next 334 being just as great.

Here are a few photos from yesterday's snow run. By the time it was over, we were just shy of another foot of snow.

On hold

This weekend was a blast. At the same time, though, it's derailed my plans for the month. After a couple of falls during my run and due to the fact that I probably wasn't ready for that big of an adventure, I have to hold off on "31 in 31." My legs hurt too much to try something new for a couple of days and my right elbow is still sore from one of my falls. My body is out of whack and doing something new right now is not the smart thing to do. That all being said, I'm still pretty jazzed up about what I did this weekend. And, fortunately, I'm not really injured -- I'm just sore. I can keep running. I've learned a good lesson with "31 in 31" and I'll be more than ready to tackle something like that later this year. I need to plan it out more and stick to a schedule. I went day-by-day and that sort of thing just didn't work.

Also, because of this soreness in my elbow, I'm putting the 100 push-ups program on hold too. I did a couple of push-ups last night and it felt OK, but today as I type my arm seems to stiffen up. As much as I think I could push through it, I don't want to hurt myself. I have to keep my eye on my bigger running goals right now. I'm quite bummed that I'm doing this, but I think it's the right thing to do.


OK ... so from now on posts with no main subject with get a date at a headline. Why? ... Because I can. ;) * Tomorrow's weather is supposed to be gorgeous. By "gorgeous" I mean not below 40 degrees. Shorts weather, when running anyway. Considering the way this winter has been so far, it'll feel quite warm. I would love to get out and run for 6 or 7 miles, but I've already gotten my long run in for the week. I'm fighting myself to take my own advice -- don't start off doing too much, build mileage slowly, etc. Then the devil on my other shoulder says it would be fine, I built up a base a long time ago. Then there's the part of me that forgets that I haven't ridden a bike in a while either, so we'll see.

* I'm on Daily Mile now. Click here to find me if you're there. Everyone tells me it's like Facebook for runners. So far it looks cool. I'm only using it to log my running miles right now.

* Tonight for "31 in 31" I did some lunges. Just when I think my legs don't need extra work, I do something like that. Wow. Just wow. I also did some more intense sit-ups than usual. It's weird how well I feel with running and then how bad I can feel doing something else.

* The scale is already frustrating me. Last week I was down 3 pounds, only to be up a pound this week. So I guess a net 2 pounds lost so far this year isn't too bad. I'm not ready yet to talk more about that.

* My friend Jeff over at Running for My Sanity would like some advice with races this year. Please head over there and help him out. I've given my 2 cents worth, but some I think it would be good for him to hear from a few other people.


These binary dates are just cool to me, and since I have nothing specific to write about, it just looks good as a title. Anyway ... * 31 in 31 has been an interesting challenge. Doing something different every day hasn't been all that hard. In fact, it's helped me be more conscious of what I am doing. It's helped me focus better on each individual day. My biggest non-running activity so far was on Friday when I was able to make it to my old gym and got in 30 minutes (4.3 miles) on an elliptical machine. Otherwise, my "other" activities haven't been too strenuous -- they've just been a nice bonus.

To keep track of my day-to-day activities, you can click here or on the "31 in 31" tab at the top of the blog.

* Running is going very well so far. Last week I ran nearly 15 miles with a long run of 6 miles. That, coupled with the elliptical workout, was a perfect week one for training for the Shamrock Half. Six miles now sits me up very well for the best training I've ever done for this race.

* I've restarted the 100 push-ups program, again. This time instead of restarting on week 3, I just started from scratch, but at a higher level. My max push-ups last week were 22, 25 and 28. I did a total of 193 push-ups in three days. I think before I was getting too caught up in the week-to-week aspect of this and letting one day throw things off. This time around I'm not going to worry about that so much. While it's important to keep to a schedule, it's also important to allow for adequate rest between days and after exhaustion tests. If this goes well, I'll complete this program before Shamrock!

* My quest for finding good blogs to read never ends, and in the past week or so I found a new one to read. Actually, I think he found me first. Either way, check out Steve over at 265 and falling and follow his weight-loss journey. Steve recently just completed his first 5k and plans to run a marathon later this year.