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My not-so-secret love affair

Over on the #RunChat blog Scott and I have a "Things you love about running" blogging challenge going on with some great giveaways. It was one of my favorite contests last year that pretty much resulted after we both had a lull going on. It's one of those things every runner should do every once in a while — make a list of what you love about running. Valentine's week is the perfect time to do it.

Since I'm in somewhat of a blogging lull, I thought I'd come up with a (short) list too.

Disney Marathon start

1. The community Someone made a comment to me on Twitter the other day about "real runners" and that you're not a "real runner" if you listen to music. I call that out because I'm here to tell you those most runners do not have that attitude. The running community — both virtual and at races — is a strong one. The positivity that I see through the lens of #RunChat is amazing and grows stronger every day.

2. Snow I love a peaceful run the day after a snowfall.

3. Me time As great as the community is, I also enjoy how running can be such a solo act. If asked on an interview if I work better as a team or as an individual, I would draw the comparison to running.

Sometimes running with others makes me stronger and will lead me to produce a better result than I expected; the work I do solo, though, is what gives me the confidence to run in a group of like-minded people. That makes sense, right?

Also, just being out there without worrying about anything else in life is pretty nice.

4. Hills Yeah, I said that.

5. The new shoe smell It's kind of like that smell of a new car. It's one of those things you really don't encounter that much in life, so smelling shoes that haven't touched my feet yet is one of the great joys of running.

What's on your list? Head over to the #RunChat blog entry to find out how you can share yours and win great prizes.

13 goals: January check-in

January hasn't been the best month when it comes to overall health and how I feel with my fitness, but I can't complain either. I finished the Disney Marathon, far and away the best non-racing race experience of my life. When something like that happens, I have no reason to look at anything negative from the first 31 days of the year.

As promised, I'm going to check in at the end of each month with my 13 goals for 2013, giving updates where necessary and giving additional thoughts when they come up. Here's a look at how things stand after 31 days:

1. 5k PR – official or unofficial I won't focus on this until late spring early/early summer.

2. Run at least 2 races I’ve never done before One down with Disney! There's nothing on tap yet to cross this off anytime soon, but I hope to tackle a new race this summer besides being signed up for the Richmond Half in November.

3. Run a 5k – official or unofficial – with my friend Brandon I'm trying to make plans to visit him this spring. He better be ready to run.

4. 50 consecutive push-ups I've done quite a few push-ups this month, but only attempted a max once, hitting 22. As long as I continue to do push-ups and other strength training, I think I can get to this mid-year.

5. Ride at least 200 miles So far a good 0 miles. My bike is still not with me in Richmond yet.

6. Weigh in at less than 180 This is something that'll take some work. I've had better moments with eating this month, so I hope this starts to pay off in February.

7. Do a plank at least once a week Right on target.

8. Run a race without a watch I ran Disney watchless, but I did have my phone that had text alerts on 3 timing mats. It wasn't a race for pace or time though, so this is kind of sort of marked off. I will say that going 26.2 miles without a watch was much easier than I thought it would be.

9. Run with my sister Heather This should happen very soon.

10. Do an exercise at least once per month that I haven’t done the rest of the year This doesn't really start until February, but I'm excited to try new things.

11. Eat at least one salad per week Easily on track for this.

12. Limit myself to one soft drink a month I had a Coke on Jan. 1 at a stop on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. I've had no cravings at all since then, but I'll admit that I'm plotting out the best day in February to have something.

13. Run ON the beach Whether this is Shamrock weekend or this summer, I'm really looking forward to this one.

2 months 'til Shamrock

January 2013 snowThe path to my 6th Shamrock Half Marathon started in a heavy snow tonight. The run wasn't anything special -- just 2 miles as a recovery from Sunday's Disney Marathon -- but it's very strange to go from running in uncomfortable heat to low 30s and snow within a 5-day span. It's also been an extremely bizarre week with my soreness. The way I felt Monday morning was like nothing I had experienced. I could barely walk. Today I feel surprisingly refreshed. If it wasn't snowing and if the roads weren't a disaster with slush, I would have run farther.

The Shamrock countdown and training is now under way for me, both physically and mentally. Sunday got me excited about running again and I can't wait to see how the next 2 months go. ...

Doing Disney again ... one day

I could go on and on and on about how great of a weekend Disney was and how much I enjoyed the Walt Disney World Marathon, but sometimes those memories are better just kept to myself and my family. (To address a point I brought up last week, yes my son had fun on the rides even taking on Space Mountain after just barely meeting the height requirements.) It was a special weekend that I would have liked to have extended by another day, and I'd love to make going back -- both for a vacation and for running -- a reality. How that all happens isn't something I'm going to lay out here. (The Disney Marathon will be 25 in 5 years, the year that I'll turn 40 ...)

After such a quiet end to 2012 and then kicking off 2013 in this awesome way, I've got to figure out what I want to do next with running. Lots of questions with no answers, but I'm very much at peace with that for at least a few more days.

For now, I'm still obsessed about this awesome medal. Here it is at work with me on Tuesday ...

Walt Disney World medal at work