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An appreciation for Global Running Day, finally

For the past several Junes, I’ve brushed off Global Running Day (some people call it National Running Day… whatever) as just another one of those days that’s stupid and made up.

This year, though, I’m thankful and grateful for this sport and have found today to be a day to reflect on the positive.

So …

  • I’ve had a really good stretch of running for the past 6 months. That includes the marathon and several other “longest since” milestones

  • I’m 10 pounds lighter right now that mid-April. That alone makes running SO MUCH BETTER. I’m much more comfortable in my own body, although I’ve got another 10 pounds to go.

  • I like going to the track again. I’ve got so much I need to discuss with this.

  • My goals feel realistic. The Richmond Marathon doesn’t seem daunting. Doing the Blue Ridge Marathon next year with a goal of being an hour faster seems right.

  • I like talking about shoes again.

  • I like having shoes in my closet that are awaiting runs.

  • I’m finding new meanings in old song lyrics when I listen to music when I run.

  • I think about what I want to do next in my career when I run, thus making things in my life make more sense.

  • I feel like running more when the runs are over.

  • I like cross training and the benefits it brings to my running.

  • I can finally say I love running again …