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3 things Thursday

Steel Stacks, Bethelem, #runchat1. I can't stop thinking about this past weekend's Runner's World Half. In addition to my race recap and day before recap, I wrote about it on the #RunChat blog. There's more to come, but not from me. My wife will be guest posting soon.

2. With a little more than 2 weeks to go until the Richmond Marathon, I don't have any of those nagging mental questions.

No fretting or worrying about my training. There's no need to second-guess anything I've done.

Come race day, I know that I've done all I can do and I feel like that will carry me to a time of 3:45 or better. I think the biggest variable is the weather, and there's nothing I can do about that.

3. I see a lot of people talking about 2013 and signing up for races left and right. In a big change for me, I'm not thinking too far ahead.

At noon on Nov. 10 I want a Coke and cookies to celebrate. Then I'm going to drink some Magic Hat. And then I'm taking some time off from running.

12 things: Training thoughts

2012 Richmond Marathon training logo Three months into being back in Richmond, I think I've fully settled down into the new "normal." But what, really, is normal with an almost 4-year-old, training for my 4th marathon, working at an ad agency with a large client, and the hottest July on record?

I've neglected writing much about my training or things that have happened on runs, mainly because my blog was low on the priority list.

Today, though, is a good opportunity to talk about things that have happened with running over the past few months -- some repeats from a few posts, some lessons learned or relearned, and some random thoughts along the way.

So now let me move out of the way of myself and bring you September's 12 things, on time.

Mirage 21. I now have 5 shoes in rotation: 3 original Saucony Mirages, 1 pair of Saucony Kinvara, and 1 pair of Saucony Mirage 2. I expect the Mirage 2 will be my marathon pair.

2. A friend of mine found a great song by Trampled by Turtles this past spring and recently their albums were featured on Amazon for $5. I downloaded two and put them into my rotation for the couple of times a week I run with music.

3. Cold showers > ice baths.

4. Magic Hat Circus Boy is back. It's a great post long run beverage in the evenings.

5. Speed work is now a normal and expected thing to do. I actually look forward to it. I have really screwed that up in recent training cycles.

6. I've readjusted my marathon goal to be a range instead of a specific time. I've honed in on 3:40-3:45. Doing that has allowed me to feel a little more flexible when I'm doing marathon paced runs.

7. I am planning a full post on this sometime, but the Runner's World weekend has become a family affair. That's all I'm saying for now.

8. Here's what 5:30 looked like on Sunday:

running, #rva, Richmond Marathon training

9. This past weekend's 18-miler is the first long run of the season in which I have felt truly tired the day after. It's definitely prime time for a recovery week.

10. I don't regret my move to Richmond one bit, but I do miss my runs in Bedford where 99% of the people at least said "hi" back or at least acknowledged my existence. I will continue to say "hi," though, or tip my cap, or give a wave.

11. Random thought I've had: I've been seeing a lot of people saying they're a "real runner" now that they lost a toenail. No. It most likely means your shoes are still a half size too small.

12. To sum up my thoughts as the seasons begin to change, I must say that I am very happy with my state of running right now. By no means is it perfect, but I'm finding that my mind frame has changed a lot in the past month to focus on doing the best I can right now. That's translated into happy running.

12 things: Late again!

1. Here's a guarantee: I will not do "13 things" posts next year. This is the second time this year that I completely forgot about my "12 things" series. Dave Matthews Band - Away from the World2. The new Dave Matthews Band album comes out in two weeks. It's the first album that I've pre-ordered as a digital download. No CD for me for a change.

3. Check out my interview with Bart Yasso of Runner's World.

4. I'm considering running the Virginia 10 Miler.

5.I haven't had a soft drink since the first Sunday in July.

6. I'll recap August tomorrow, but when it comes to mileage I am pleasantly happy with how this month has gone.

7. I know I already mentioned the Dave Matthews Band, but check out their new video. Very cool in that not only is it new material from DMB, it's also great use of user-generated content.

8. I started using Spotify recently. It's amazingly better than Pandora.

9. I had the first pick in my fantasy NFL draft this week. Arian Foster was the easy choice. I also took a slight risk in taking Andrew Luck after seeing him surprising still available late.

10. I opened two Magic Hats the other day the other day -- one for me, one for my wife -- and this happened:

Magic Hat same cap

11. I'm thinking about doing a photo-a-day thing in 2013.

12. We have ZERO "professional" family photos. Why do that when you can do this for free?

12 things: tagged

The "11 random things" tagging posts have gone crazy. I was tagged 3 times in the first few days of this month, so I'm playing along, sort of. The "rules" are to initially post 11 random things about yourself. I did enough of that last year with my 11 things series. You can go back and read any of those for some very random things about me. Now that I'm doing "12 things" this year, I thought I'd pick a few questions from each person who initially tagged me for this month's 12 things.

From Marathon Brian 1. Which historical figure would you like to have a 2-hour dinner with? For no particular reason, Ronald Reagan.

2. Gatorade or Powerade? Gatorade, although I've gone down the Powerade route before. Post-race, though, I don't care.

3. Would you rather be taller or smarter? If I could keep my current intelligence level, I'd tack on a couple of inches. Perhaps it could have done something for my basketball career.

4. What’s your favorite post-race celebration food? Food? Who needs food when you can drink beer.

From Wild Things Run Free 5. What is your favorite restaurant? When my wife and I first started dating we found this small place in Lynchburg called the Phil-a-Deli. There's really nothing special about it other than the owners got to know us from our frequent visits and their good reubens. These days, we only go there a few times a year simply because it's not as convenient as it once was.

6. If you could go to any one place in the world for a week, all expenses paid where would it be & why? I'd go back to London. I spent a few weeks there in college in the summer of 1999 and greatly appreciated the time there. I think now in my mid-30s I would appreciate it even more. And drink better beer.

7. What is your all time favorite movie? Forrest Gump. And that was true before I was a runner.

8. What is one of your favorite memories? I wish this question was a little more specific, because I have a great memory of various things in my life. Personally, and more recently, the birth of my son is one of those moments that stands out beyond anything else happening in my life.

From Michael Runner 9. If you could be the best in the world at any sport, which sport would you choose and why? Tennis — it's physically and mentally challenging, plus there's a competitive factor that to me is dual. You're not only competing with the person across the court from you, you're also always competing against yourself for personal best performances.

10. Athletically speaking, if you won the lottery, what’s the first thing you would do/buy? I'd hire a professional personal trainer. Having been a part of training groups before, I would love to have a trainer to spend hours with every week to not only make me a better runner, but to also learn what it takes to become a personal trainer.

11. What is your favorite blog post that you have written? My post after my first marathon in 2007. To this day, I still read it every few months to remind myself that no matter where I stand — whether a high point or a low point — that I can do whatever I set my mind to. It was very important to me last year to have that post as I approached marathon No. 3 healthy with thoughts of marathon No. 2 on my mind.

12. If any liquid on earth could be the ultimate recovery drink, what would you want it to be? Magic Hat No. 9.