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Make a Pledge to Myself: Catching up

At the end of October, I made a pledge to myself to do an inventory of my running gear and get a few things cleaned up. 

It wasn't easy, but I got everything much more organized before Election Day. This included throwing out a few shirts, a couple of pairs of shoes and prioritizing what shoes I'll run in the most and which ones will only be used occasionally. 

Another one of the pledges that deserves a follow up right now is making a training "plan" for the Blue Ridge Marathon. 

While I have some time on my side -- I don't hit 20 weeks to go until December -- I have set up a spreadsheet laying out long runs until race day and what the first few weeks of training should look like. 

I've taken a different approach to labeling my runs as "run 1," "run 2," etc., instead of focusing on specific days of the week. There was something about those specific days that was starting to bug me when I started plotting things out. 

As for my other pledges -- tracking my miles, eating an apple a day and no potato chips -- everything is going perfectly!

Disclaimer: I am receiving a free race entry to the Blue Ridge Marathon as an "official blogger" for the race. for more information about the race in Roanoke, Virginia, and use code BRMFRIENDS to get 15% off. 

Make a Pledge to Myself: Take an inventory

I have shoes all over the place. At my front door; on my back porch; under my bed; in my closet; and probably many other places. 

My fall/winter running clothes were taken out of a box, but I don't know where my pants are. 

I have socks and underwear that are worn out, but keep getting worn. 

You see, when my running things get out of order, nothing in my life feels like it's in order. And that's not just about the physical side of running. 

It is time for me to take an inventory of all my stuff and get it organized. Every run shouldn't feel like a chore to just fine a few pieces of clothing to get out of the door; I shouldn't have to wonder if my watch is charged up enough to last 3 miles; I should know what shoes are next in my rotation. 

So for this pledge, I'm giving myself a deadline of taking an inventory, throwing out a few things and getting my running gear organized by Election Day.

Make a Pledge to Myself: Track my miles

When I look back at my 12 years or so of running, I have realized that my best moments came when I carefully tracked my miles and planned out my training at the start of every week.

In the past couple of years, I've really struggled with this. I run, take my watch off and think to myself that I'll write those miles down later.  


This year I've often gone 2-3 weeks at a time without writing down my mileage. Then when I try to play catch up, it all feels so meaningless.

So as training for the Blue Ridge Marathon begins in earnest, I'm making this pledge to myself now to start tracking my mileage better.  

That means writing down my miles the same day I run or bike. That also means tracking my shoe mileage better too, so I make sure I'm getting good miles out of my many pairs of Altras.  

That also means to write down my other workouts to better track my progress.

Of all the pledges I'm making, this one really is about getting back to the very basics of what works for me and will lead to setting my goals for 2017.