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Three Things Thursday

1. I love the cold weather. Perhaps it’s going to be a little cold for November for many parts of the country this week, but now is the time to get out and run it. Shelter yourself now, winter will only feel worse.
2. Since I live in Richmond, its seems natural I would be running one of the races this weekend, but I’m not. Two years ago left a bad taste in my mouth with the marathon distance; four years ago I ran it hurt; last year was pretty awesome as I ran the half to help my sister PR.

I just don’t have a desire this year to hit the streets with thousands of strangers. While I love racing and this awesome community I’m a part of, I still need long-run Saturdays completely to myself.
3. Last week’s commitments are still going well. The only thing I’m struggling with a little bit is putting my phone and computer down at 10. I’m much better about it, but it’s a struggle. The food part of my changes, though, have left me continuing to feel great this week.

Three Things Thursday: October goals

A day after I wrote about my somewhat successful September, I was ready to write down my goals for October. I vowed to set realistic goals.

Then my sons both got sick, and my realistic goals were made even more realistic as I knew that life was going to immediately going to impact running. Then I didn't feel so well either, which led me to taking a few Halls and getting some wrapper inspiration.

I want to end the year on a high note with a strong third quarter, but I'm keeping things tame as we creep into fall. My goals this month are simple and achievable, but challenging enough to keep me focused and do bigger things in November. 

1. Increase my long run to 8 miles. I was initially going to put 10 miles, but I am running the Wicked 10K at the end of the month in Virginia Beach. 8 is more realistic without over-doing it. It's also only a little more than a mile off my current "long" run distance. 

This summer I focused on my long runs being an hour or 6 miles -- whichever felt right. It's a good time and distance to not let myself get completely off track, and long enough that increasing my distance wouldn't be a big deal. 

2. Run at least 1 mile in 7:30. I'm pulling this number out of nowhere. I've run miles faster than that this year, but I've done very little in the way of speedwork since the end of July. This will force me to do some speedwork as running "fast" by myself is never an easy task. 

3. Cross train twice a week. This doesn't mean it has to be a full-on crossing training workout, but doing something (planks or push-ups or jumping jacks ... anything for a few minutes) other than running. A sore shoulder that I dealt with this summer has stopped bothering me, so I'm out of excuses. 


Three Things Thursday: September Goals

I've had September on my mind for a long time. In a year in which things were going pretty well with running, I've let things really slip up in the past month and a half. Some intentional, some not. 

I realized, though, that Sept. 1 is a great date to start anew. With my oldest son starting kindergarten the next day, it's a perfect time to hit the restart button too on a few things.

I don't want to overwhelm myself, though. After I brought back "Three Things Thursday" last week, I thought the second week of those posts would be a good time to put together three September running-related goals and shift my thinking a few days early. 

Make sense? No? Sorry. Keep reading. 

1. No Sweets September.
Maybe I should hashtag that ... #NoSweetsSeptember. I eat way too many innocent pieces of candy at work. That snowballs into more pieces of candy ... that snowballs into wanting a Coke a couple of times a week. I'm not going to give up sugar altogether in September, but I want to make a drastic change. 

2. Run 90 miles.
I had a really good pace for the year going on until I did that stupid Runner's World streak. I call it "stupid" not because I think their promotion is stupid, but because I thought it would be a fun challenge. It was fun ... until it was over. And just like a few years ago when I did it, I came away from it unmotivated and tired. I'm not getting roped into that again. 

July and August have been well below average, thus getting me off my 1,000-mile pace for the year. As I write this, I don't even know where my exact mileage stands. I know that it's not so far off that it can't be done, but it's off enough that I'm frustrated with myself. I have enough base mileage to ramp things up and then reassess goals for the final quarter of the year. 

3. Sign up for (J&A) races 
I'm so excited to be a J&A Racing ambassador for the 2014-15 race season, but I haven't had time to write about it much. I need to sit down with my calendar and figure out which races I'm doing and set some reasonable goals for them. It's the perfect opportunity for me to refocus in September, set up some loose plans and get out of this mini-funk. 

3 things Thursday: Disney edition

Disney Marathon medal1. Even though the Disney Marathon is purely for fun, my wife and I have tentatively plotted out the weekend to avoid being on my feet all day Saturday and instead make Sunday the longest day of my life. It's a battle of stay on my feet and walk around all day Saturday vs. running then going to a park Sunday. It'll be an interesting weekend for sure.

2. I'd be so mad if I had trained in cooler weather only to have spring-like, almost summer-like, conditions for this race. Instead I'm kind of looking forward to race temps in the 60s at the start.

Sure it'll be hot a few hours later, but with my approach this weekend I'd rather be hot than cold or something in between.

3. One of the biggest questions headed into the weekend is not about my running, but whether or not my son will hop on the rides or get close enough to any of the characters to take a picture.

I'm running the Disney Marathon with Comfort Zone Camp's Grief Relief Team. Find out how you can help make a difference in the life of a child. 

3 things: Lessons learned

2012 Richmond Marathon training logoThis is not a dwelling-on-Richmond post. In fact, I feel like it's the opposite. In my lack of really doing a race report (not sure what else I'd really say) and following it up with a list of random things), this is my first serious post about what I've realized this week and why I may actually will run another marathon sooner rather than a few years from now. Much more on that later.

1. What are you doing after the marathon? Such a common question others would ask me. My answer was taking a break. I don't want to run for a while. I think I said that so much that I started shutting things down way too early.

It's not that I had too many bad training runs at the end, but I got too complacent. I was too comfortable with my training, thinking that they hay was in the barn and all that was left was 26.2 miles. I really screwed that up, more mentally than anything else.

2. Go to bed, go to bed, go to bed. Olympics. Debates. Election night. I'm a sports junkie and a news junkie. These events are why I loved working in a newsroom for 7 years. And this year on too many occasions I stayed up until 11 or later, getting just 6-7 hours of sleep. Some people can do that. I really can't.

At the end of all this, I ran too many miles tired; I didn't sleep well the week of the marathon; I'm pretty sure I only had about a half tank of gas in my system, thus the falling apart in the second half of this race.

3. Have fun. It's the ultimate end goal for me. Most of those 4+ hours were not fun Saturday. Neither was much of my experience in the Cleveland Half earlier this year.

I know how to have fun in a race whether I'm on pace to hit my goal or not. Of anything that went wrong, I'm more mad at myself for that and more determined to not let that mind frame slip back again.

Now, about this other marathon ...