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11 things: 11/11/11

Time to get back to some random things for my "11 things" post this month. 1. Today may be the coolest date in my lifetime. 11/11/11. It beats any of those other same number happenings for month/date/year in the 12 years it will happen in my lifetime.

2. October and November are far and away the best months of the year for so many reasons. Great weather, clearer skies, eating soup without feeling weird.

3. With each passing week, I'm getting closer to being a former NASCAR fan.

4. People keep adding me on Google+. It had potential, but it sucked. That is all.

5. There is no "s" on daylight saving time. Just like there is no "s" on Kroger.

6. For less than $5, you can get a broccoli and cheese baked potato and a large chili from Wendy's. It makes a great lunch.

7. Somebody danced a little too hard last weekend ...

8. I haven't  had a Magic Hat in a while. Somebody go buy me a winter variety pack please.

9. As much as I'd like to listen to Christmas music now, I'm holding firm to my stance of not listening to any until the day after Thanksgiving.

10. I'm going to the Virginia Safari Park this weekend. If you've never gone and you're within a couple hours of Natural Bridge, GO. It's a wild experience.

11. OK, so I have to mention something about running ... wait ... no. Nevermind. Enjoy the number 11 today.