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Tired of writing about running yet?

On April 20, I missed an important milestone -- the 10th anniversary of blogging! (Technically it's not "this" blog even though all of the posts are here -- this is actually the fourth version of my blog.) 

TEN YEARS of writing about running ... There's no doubt I got a little tired of it a few years ago, but in the past couple of months, I'm realizing how important it is for me to continue doing this whether or not anyone reads it. 

I started this blog as a journal to track ONE MARATHON ... not five. And certainly not dozens of other races and PRs. 

I never intended to document three injuries and have numerous "starting over" points.

But I'm glad it's all there for me to look back on whenever I want. Things like Twitter and Facebook don't capture nearly enough for me, and as long as I back things up appropriately, these 1,000+ posts will be with me forever.

So to anyone who has joined me on this journey, I want to say THANK YOU. I hope you stick around for whatever is next.

Power of 3: March checkup

With one day left in the month, I'm ready to call March a success with running. My goals, in no particular order of preference were: 

1. Run half the days of the month.
Today's run put me at 17 runs for the month. These were are LOW MILEAGE runs at an EASY PACE. I can't stress enough how much this goal was all about consistency only.

Most of the runs were 2-3 miles; a couple of the runs were 4 miles, but that was it. It was a far cry from what I started in January, but so much better than February after I got sick. 

2. Post a daily running-related pic to Instagram.
Done, once tomorrow gets here. I'm really thinking about continuing this into April whether it becomes an official goal or not.

On my running days, this goal force me to be a bit more observant to find different things to photograph. On non-running days, I spent time looking through old photos, which brought back a lot of memories to remind me of why I run and what keeps me going every day. 

3. Blog at least 6 times. 
Done. This is post No. 9, and I feel like I have so much more to say. I won't set a specific blogging goal again for a while (although I haven't forgotten about my goal within the 26 goals before a marathon), but I'm confident that I can carve out time to do this much more consistently this spring and summer. 

Falling back in love?

My favorite quote of the weekend was during Dave McGillivray's presentation. Dave is the Boston Marathon race director. For much of the past year, I have felt disconnected from the running world. I've had so many more downs than ups since I fell apart at the Richmond Marathon. Without diving into it too much, before this weekend I found myself glad I've given myself this break.

No pressure, no major goals, no thinking about running other than doing enough to not get too far off track, no getting wrapped up in what other people were doing.

After my experience this weekend at the Runner's World Festival, though, I know that it's time for change. In my mind I've been ready to make some changes, but I haven't pushed myself enough to take action.

It's time to refresh my goals. Really refresh them. And be realistic about them. And be harder on myself as I get closer to them.

I can get into all that later, as this post really isn't about me. It's about this group of 20 people over the weekend who have help me realize I need a new path.

As a full disclaimer, Runner's World paid for my trip to Bethlehem, Pa., and treated 20 of us bloggers to an experience like no other.

While the swag was nice, the experience of meeting so many people I knew by blog name or Twitter name only is what made this weekend truly special.

It's easy to say that this weekend is the moment where I fell back in love with running, but I won't know if that's true for another month or so. Like any good relationship, it's going to take time to figure that part out.

As I think about how I want to really sum up the weekend, I have trouble finding the right words. Fellow blogger and #fitblog founder Katy (who was the inspiration for starting #runchat) said it best in her post:

From the Runner’s World staff and editors to the volunteers to the passionate sponsors who seemed truly excited to meet and work with us, this weekend affected me deeply. Thank you is not enough ...

For those of who blog regularly or enjoy conversations on Twitter, I have to blunt with you: don't hide behind your phones or computer screens.

Go to races. Socialize. Meet other people you think you know so well. You'll be rewarded with experiences that will change you forever.

As for the actual running this weekend? I'll save that unexpected story for later in the week.

Thanks to Running Skirts for hooking up me, Scott and Bart Yasso with a skirt at the Skirt Olympics.

Bloggers at the Altra clinic.

The Running is ... board from Altra.

Runner's World cookbook

Awesome items from Icon Fitness

Eat Run Repeat and Stuftmama with their tiny silverware.

Scott and I with #fitblog founder Katy, our inspiration for #RunChat

A huge thanks goes out to sponsors who provided gear or other information directly to the bloggers at the Runner's World Festival: Altra, Running Skirts, Ortholite, Icon Fitness, Bondi Band, Injinji, PRO Compression, SPIBelt, The Stick, Wild Planet, Belvita, Deer Park Water (Nestle), Run Donna, and Bermuda Marathon.