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Putting January in the rear view mirror

I'm not happy with January for a variety of reasons, but how can I complain about it? I spent half of it not feeling well, but I still managed to accomplish more this month than any other January. Here are the highlights:

    • My first-ever January race. A trail race is more of an experience than an actual race, but the bloodshed led to some good lessons learned.
    • Most miles ever in January. I'm disappointed with 81.5 miles, but in comparing what I did two years ago when I was on my way to a PR in the Shamrock Half, I have more mileage -- both in quantity and quality.
    • My long run is back to double digits already with a 10-miler this past weekend.
    • 478 push-ups.

All in all, I am in a good place heading in February. Next month is sure to be full of more miles and additional speed work as I narrow down a goal for Shamrock. I'm also eager to start my core streak.

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