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My not-quite 24-hour gym

When my gym moved earlier this year and became a mostly 24-hour facility, I never realized that they closed on Sunday nights for all of 8 hours. I wanted to get a solid cross-training workout in tonight, but when I arrived at the gym shortly after 7:30, I discovered that the gym closes at 8 p.m. They open back up at 4 a.m. Monday and then stay open until late Friday. I know that the gym isn't a high-demand facility on a Sunday night, but this all just seems weird to me. I still managed to get in a quick, but intense 20 minutes on the elliptical -- a nice way to close off this week. Despite packing, doing a yard sale and spending some much-needed quality time with my almost year-old son, I got in some good runs -- 3 runs of 3 miles or more and another 2.2 miler. It's my first double-digit week in a while since I had put more focus on cross training recently (and a focus on moving).

* * *

Anyway, I have one more day off before I start my new job in Lynchburg and I'll be staying in Bedford for a short time until my housing situation takes care of itself. Either way, I'm looking forward to tackling these hills this fall and winter to get ready for whatever I do next year. With all this moving around and so much going on, I'm not sure at this point in my plans for next year will still hold. I haven't signed up for Shamrock yet -- I want to do it, but my bank account may say otherwise by the end of the year (when the race usually sells out). I just have to wait and see what happens.

A great 4-day streak

Tonight I got in 5 running miles (1 with my dog; the other 4 on the treadmill) and 2 more recovery-type miles on the bike. I've put together a good string of workouts in the past four days totaling 15.6 running miles, 10.4 on the bike, 4 walking, 2 on the elliptical machine and 588 steps at work. I plan to continue my streak tomorrow before having a couple of days of taking it easy before this weekend's race.

On the right track

I'll be honest - a week ago when I signed up for the Shamrock Half, I was really scared with how prepared I would be for the race. But with 10 weeks to go and almost one week of "official" training under my belt, I'm feeling very good with how ready I'll be. Today I got in 5 miles of outside running and felt great. So as long as I continue to increase my long runs over the next several weeks and get in a couple of 10-mile (or longer) runs in March, I'll be ready. Ten weeks is plenty of time for me to prepare ... but at the same time there are no weeks in which I can slack off. This could very well be the most intense 10 weeks of training I've ever done. Overall this week, I've ran almost 13 miles with another mile or two likely tomorrow with my dog. My runs at the gym on the treadmill have been good too. I can't just get on there and run a steady pace -- somehow all my runs on the treadmill turn into some sort of speedwork. One thing I have enjoyed doing is half-mile intervals. On Wednesday I did three as part of my 3.1 mile run. After a half mile warm-up, I bumped up the speed to 7.5 mph for a quarter mile, then bumped it up to 8 mph for the next quarter mile. For the second and third one, I did 8 mph and 8.5 mph.

On today's run, I felt refreshed. By doing other things at the gym and literally not pounding the pavement, my legs feel fantastic. And speaking of "other" things, this week I got in more than 8 miles on the various machines at the gym and 3.4 miles on the bike. All this cross-training is going a long way with helping my running and I expect to continue at this pace.

As for my weigh-in the other day, I was at 191, down 1.8 pounds for the year. My ideal goal is 180. I've been there and stayed there ... it's just been a while. If I keep doing what I'm doing, I'll get there eventually.

Hitting the Arc

One great thing about going to a gym is that it is hard to get bored. Yes, running on a treadmill can put forever into perspective, but it's easy to just hop off and do something else. Tonight I had every intention of running 4 miles, but after 3 I could take no more. Even though I was going at a pretty good pace, I couldn't take not going anywhere anymore. So I hopped off and hit the Cybex Arc Trainer for 10 minutes. The Arc Trainer may look similar to an elliptical, but the workout is extremely different. It certainly helped break up the routine of my favorite equipment despite not getting my usual reward of miles. For example, with the other elliptical-type machine I usually use I could probably get 1.5 miles in 10 minutes; with the Arc Trainer, it was just about a half mile. But it felt so much more rewarding.

All in all, this is a pretty good workout. In fact I've had a good week so far with two good runs, plus some workouts on the elliptical and bike. With my mind in full training mode, I feel like my workouts are worthwhile. After four months of not having anything on my mind from a racing standpoint, it's nice to have something to focus on.

Tomorrow is weigh-in day and I promise to have a post soon to discuss my goals a little more in depth.

The "other" category

Since I'm still a relative newbie to the gym scene, it's easy to say that I've been hesitant to try out equipment that I'm not used to. Well, today that changed. Last week I noticed that the Gold's Gym I go to had some new elliptical-type machines that looked like fun. Usually "fun" and "elliptical" don't go together very well. Today, I got on it and had a great workout.

The new machine is from Octane Fitness - it's the Pro3700. It was so much better than a regular elliptical machine with lots of different options. It even has program and level controls on the handle bar so you don't have to worry about pushing buttons if you want to change up what you're doing. It also has a small fan on it. Today I did a mile in the "manual" mode, then about 20 minutes in the "X Mode" that targeted specific areas of the body in one-minute increments and then a "30:30" interval routine, which was pretty intense with 30 second "sprints" and 30 second "walks."

Overall I did 5 miles in about 40 minutes ... thus the category of "other" with my miles. My mileage that I'll officially mark down in my workout log will be from running, biking, walking and other. And after today, much of that other will be from the Pro3700.