Path to my backyard marathon takes me to Pennsylvania

Runner's World Half Marathon and FestivalThis Sunday will mark my 16th half marathon and the 5th this year. Of those half marathons, only a few have actually been "A" races, meaning I've set a lofty goal and left it all on the course. All others have generally been training races. The Runner's World Half Marathon will once again act as a training race. With less than 4 weeks to go to the Richmond Marathon, the timing for a true dress rehearsal has never been more perfect.

Had I not chosen this race, I'd probably be doing a second 20 miler. Instead, I'm focused on my marathon pace with my main goal for the Runner's World Half to be around 1:50. If I'm a minute or two slower or faster, that's fine with me too.

More importantly than my goals for this weekend, I'm really looking forward to meeting my #RunChat partner Scott and many others who join #RunChat twice a month. These few days are full of opportunities to learn from others, get inspired to do greater things with running and just have fun.

To essentially close off marathon training with a weekend like this is a rare treat. It's kind of a tone-setter for getting through my taper healthy, well rested and focused on my sub 3:45 goal.

EverStride-sponsored #runchat set

I have some family obligation this week (I'll have a post on that very soon), so Scott from iRunnerBlog has written a post about this Sunday's #runchat, which I will be hosting solo as Scott will be traveling back from the Boulder Half Marathon. Thanks to Scott for doing this for me. I look forward to chatting with everyone this Sunday at 8 p.m. ET! Another great #runchat is planned for this Sunday at 8 p.m. ET.  Come join us as we bring together the runners of twitter to talk about all things running.  This week our killer sponsor is EverStride.

How to Enter: Everyone who participates in the #runchat this weekend will be entered, at the end of the #runchat we will use to select a winner; it is that simple to win!

To increase your odds of winning follow @Ever_Stride on Twitter and leave a comment below that you have done so for an entry.

Like them on Facebook and comment on their wall then leave a comment below saying that you have done so and we will increase your entry again.

The Gear: For those that participate in the #runchat you will be entered into the giveaway for ultimate EverStride runners kit, which includes essentials for runners: Foot Cream, Fungus Defense and the so awesome Chafe Stick.

I’ve said in many past posts that it is so, so important to take care of the feet that take care of you, kinda like Isotoners and Dan Marino. The EverStride products will ensure that you can continue to perform at a high level with healthy skin and feet.

The Foot Cream is a high performance conditioning foot cream for men and women with a unique blend of vitamins and oils that penetrates deep into the skin to help the problem.

The reality is your feet could get jacked up and nasty and for that you have the Fungus Defense which kills germs that can cause fungal infections and make things way too uncomfortable.

Finally we have the the important Chafe Stick; this stick helps athletes brace the elements of their surroundings! In hot, humid or cold weather this unique formula helps guard against friction on your feet, chest, thighs and other affected areas. This non-greasy sport stick helps men and women protect their skin from the rubbing of socks, sneakers, sandals, clothing and more that cause red irritations while putting your skin to work.

The #runchat Details:  beginning at 8 p.m. ET on Sunday, March 27 @RunningBecause will ask a running-related question using Twitter hashtag #runchat. You answer; you re-tweet other people’s answers; you respond to other people’s answers. If you’re not familiar with Twitter, it’s really that simple.

The #runchat will last from 8-9 p.m. ET. We’ll post a new question every 5-10 minutes, depending on the nature of the conversations going on. (All questions will come from David (@RunningBecause) this week; I will be away traveling back from the Boulder Half Marathon.)

Also, here are some helpful tips for having the best #runchat experience:

  • TweetDeck or Hootsuite, create a new column with the #runchat tag to follow along
  • TweetChat has been running slowly the past few weeks so we can not endorse this as the most reliable option but if you do use it  just sign in to that site with your Twitter account, put in the tag #runchat, you can join in the conversation without even having to retype #runchat
  • web-based Twitter, create a new saved search with #runchat.

No matter how you follow along, please use the hashtag #runchat in each of your posts so we can follow all of the

Go follow @Ever_Stride and like them on Facebook and win!

Hope to see you at #runchat, if you have any questions just put them in the comments section below.

#runchat coming Sunday!

With five Sundays in January, it's been way too long since the previous #runchat. At 8 p.m. ET Sunday Scott and I are back with another #runchat and an awesome giveaway from athletic apparel company ellasport. For the full details on this week's giveaway, check out Scott's post on Guys, don't be intimated by this one!

So, what is #runchat you ask? If you haven't checked us out yet, please visit my #runchat page for the full details. Still have questions? Feel free to drop me a message on my Contact page.

See you on Twitter on Sunday ... or be out running!

Next #runchat is Jan. 23

Mark your Twitter calendars for the next #runchat for 8 p.m. ET this Sunday. This week Scott (@iRunnerBlog) and I are pleased to announce EverStride as the sponsor. Simply by taking part in #runchat this week you'll have a chance to win a runners kit from EverStride, complete with Foot Cream, Fungus Defense and the Chafe Stick. For complete details on the giveaway and how to be entered to win, check out Scott's entry here. If you're unfamiliar with #runchat or need a refresher on what it is, check out my #runchat page here.

Please note that in the past two #runchat sessions we've had some trouble with TweetChat not updating in real time. I highly recommend using TweetDeck or HootSuite. If you want to filter out posts from me and Scott, feel free to follow my #runchat moderators list and import that column. By doing that you can see our questions easier.