No. 1276

With every run, I think I’m going to come back and blog about so many things … but I really just run out of time and energy to pound out my thoughts on a keyboard.

I’m just fine getting through Richmond Marathon like this …


I feel like I should be running more, but this month will end up being the second highest mileage month of the year, far exceeding what I did in January and February this year when I was prepping for Blue Ridge.


My long run the week before last was TERRIBLE. So many things just seemed to collapse at once, so I stopped my planned 13-14 miler at 10 miles. Nothing wrong with stopping at this point in my training.

This past weekend’s run was much better, but then I ventured off to a neighborhood with some big-time hills I wasn’t expecting. I got to 12 miles and felt like I hit a wall.

It’s a battle I face as I continue to build my endurance for several years of not running much due to my injuries.


I don’t have a goal time for the Richmond Marathon, but I’m starting to think I should come up with something.


I have gotten overly hooked on a “live” playlist that I just keep adding to. It’s drawing some emotions while I run that I haven’t felt in a long time.

Here' are a couple of my recent favorites:

That’s all for now … let’s get to September!

Pieces of finding peace

At various points in my 15 years of running, I’ve set some pretty stringent goals. Whether it was a PR in a 5K or breaking 4 hours in a marathon, I had many points of extreme focus.

The results were always extremely rewarding, but in hindsight, I don’t think I ever took the appropriate time to soak in the moments and enjoy what was happening at the time.

The patterns were very much: goal set/broke/missed, take a week or two to not worry about goals, then move on to the next thing. That’s pretty typical for a running, and it’s probably a mind frame that I will always have.

But now it’s different.

Serious injuries not only derailed me physically, but it messed me up mentally. I’ve battled back physically in the past 20 months, but it’s only been until recently that I realized how much my mind was broken.

I was going through the motions of getting back to some amazing milestones. I never, ever imagined I’d finish the Blue Ridge Marathon and even thinking about doing it again (check out HERE on some news about the 2020 race!)

But while going through those motions, I was lacking EMOTION.

This summer, though, I am finding a few feeling with running that I don’t really remember having … PEACE.

It’s difficult to explain, but stringing together runs that don’t make me feel terrible, running at different times of the day, being more observant, running more than I have in a few years, cross training, filtering out a lot of noise on social media … it all adds up.

And now as I look ahead to the Richmond Marathon and beyond, my goals have to focus on this new feeling.

There is no end game with “peace.” I also know that this feeling could change tomorrow so that’s why it’s important for me to embrace this moment.

But right now I feel refocused and refreshed even though I didn’t need it. And that’s a pretty amazing feeling to have in the middle of summer running …

No. 1,243

It's been more than a year since I had a numbered post - for a refresher for anyone who's coming across this blog, it's simply the number of posts I've written since I started blogging April 2017, and is what I use for a title when I have a bulleted list of random thoughts. 

  • And that reminds me... yup, I missed my "blogiversary." There was a time - when I wrote about 10 times a month (sometimes more) - that celebrating my blog was HUGE. Right now, I'm lucky to blog once or twice a month. But keeping this going under a variety of names and domains for 11 years is still special enough to mention.
  • A little more than a month after my first race in 2 years, I really don't have a desire to race again for a little while. I certainly won't go two years again, but my running just isn't where it needs to be to even enjoy a race. 
  • I ran at the track a couple of weeks ago so I can at least get this idea of racing and speed back into my mind. It was ... interesting. I was consistent, a little faster than I thought I'd be, but I didn't like it. 
  • I fell on a very flat trail after a root jumped up and hit my foot. That was nearly 2 weeks ago and I still have scabs. It really threw off my running for this month and set me back much more than I expected. But I march forward anyway. 
  • My biggest problem right now is eating and some weight gain, pretty much negating anything that I started the year with ... I just don't even know why I continue to have this issue. I know what to do, but when running isn't a high priority for me, I slip up. Often. 
  • In the next few weeks, I'll have baby no. 3 here and I'll then be 40. Life's on fast-forward and running isn't all that important. It will be again, but for now I'm going to be in maintenance mode. 

No. 1,219

For anyone still reading after so many years, you know that I like to occasionally number my posts based on what numbered blog entry it is. Funny thing though ... "occasionally" hasn't happened in nearly 4 years. 

If I've done my counting right -- and it's very possible that I screwed up by a few posts -- this is my 1,219th blog post. These are reserved for random bulleted posts when I don't have one topic. So here goes my first attempt at this in a LONG time: 

  • I really should've set a blogging goal for this month. After setting one in March and April, I didn't realize how much that goal kept me focus on writing at least a little bit. And writing leads to much better things overall with running. 
  • I had an article pop up in my Facebook memories that I NEEDED to read again this week about why exercise is so much more important than any career path. Don't read into this being a bad or good thing ... just know that I needed it. Check it out
  • I really want to run the High Bridge Half Marathon in September, and I really think I should set a goal that's close to a PR. But man oh man ... I am slow right now. 
  • I'm moving again in June due to some complications with our current lease. I really don't want to do this again -- it always messes up my running, so I need some serious goals in June related to weight and higher quality runs as I officially start Richmond Marathon training. 
  • Did I mention how slow I am? I'd say I'm at my lowest point in years ... probably not my very lowest point, so that gives me hope. 

On to post 1,220 ... 

No. 914

It's been a while since I've had a numbered post (not including "12 things" because that's different), but I have a few running-related things on my mind that don't go together:

  • I'm tired of being tired. My wife told me to stop telling myself that I'm tired. I've had ups and downs in a very short time frame with marathon training, some mental, some not. I'm tired of saying that.
  • I took a look back at the beginning of my Baltimore Marathon training from a year ago and couldn't believe how different my overall mileage is. Instead of starting in the low 20s for weekly mileage, I'm in the upper 20s. And that training schedule was 2 weeks shorter.
  • I really need to add a couple of races to my calendar. This will be the first July I haven't had a race since 2009.
  • Speaking of my wife, she ran this morning. A 5k MAY be in her future. Maybe she'd have a better running blog than me right now.