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For no particular reason

With the marathon approaching the two-weeks-away mark, I'm becoming obsessed with all things running; why I'm running; why others are running; I'm searching for running quotes; I'm looking for new running blogs; but then today I remembered something awesome. My favorite movie of all time. Forrest Gump started running for "no particular reason" ... he just felt like running. Sometimes you don't need a reason to run. You just do it.

And then after you start doing it, it all makes sense ...

A #runchat sprint

"Don't give up! U may have a craptastic run one day, then go out & the best run ever the very next day." "do it because you love it ... the rest will fall in line."

If you missed the first ever #runchat with me and Scott from iRunnerBlog last night, you missed out on some great conversations about running. Just a few days ago, I had this random idea of doing a chat on Twitter after I briefly took part in #fitblog, a chat about fitness that had a lot to do with running. And when I searched for a possible chat specifically geared toward running, I didn't find one ... fast forward a few hours and we had the chat planned for Thursday night.

I had no expectations. I figured a few comments would come through and maybe, just maybe, someone would want to do it again. But what I got was a wild ride and rediscovered how passionate runners are about racing, handing out advice and so much more. I'm still struggling to come up with the right words to describe how awesome it was.

So for everyone who took part in #runchat, I wanted to give a big THANK YOU for taking part. Last night was the first of what I hope are endless #runchat conversations. We'll be back at 8 p.m. ET Thursday doing this again. I'm looking forward to asking new questions and continuing the running conversation.

If you have ideas for questions or themes or any other suggestions, please leave a comment below or use my Contact form to email me.

400 and counting

I feel like I just hit the 300-mile mark for the year ... now I'm headed toward 500. On last night's run, I passed 400 miles for 2010. And with tonight's run, I'm at 403.7. That's more than two-thirds of all of last year. It's kind of hard to wrap my head around that, but it feels great. That's all ...