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2019 so far: Still doing my own thing

These past six months have easily been the best six months of running I’ve had in many years. All it took was a much more relaxed frame of mind with this attitude of “doing my own thing.”

When I first said that phrase last year, it was something that finally felt right with my running. For far too long, I cared way too much about what other people thought or had to say.

Every so often I have to filter out the noise from others who distract me and remind myself that I’m doing all this for me and making myself a better overall person.

Overall, though, this is working and will continue to be the way I approach running in the second half of 2019.

So by doing my own thing in the first half of the year, I have:

- Ran/walked/power hiked a marathon that I wasn’t really for.

- Ran the most miles in a 6-month period since 2012.

- Ran at the track for 9 straight weeks keeping most of the specific results to myself.

- Signed up for the Richmond Marathon this fall.

- Refocused on nutrition and lost a few pounds.

- Stopped hanging out so much on Twitter waiting for conversations to happen.

- Grew my hair out.


And that last point is what’s important. Running is fun most of the time. I like doing it. I don’t dread it at all. I haven’t been able to say that in a LONG time.

So now it’s on to July where my goal is to get back to marathon training, get my miles back up, get my long runs back to the teens and set a goal for November …

No. 1,243

It's been more than a year since I had a numbered post - for a refresher for anyone who's coming across this blog, it's simply the number of posts I've written since I started blogging April 2017, and is what I use for a title when I have a bulleted list of random thoughts. 

  • And that reminds me... yup, I missed my "blogiversary." There was a time - when I wrote about 10 times a month (sometimes more) - that celebrating my blog was HUGE. Right now, I'm lucky to blog once or twice a month. But keeping this going under a variety of names and domains for 11 years is still special enough to mention.
  • A little more than a month after my first race in 2 years, I really don't have a desire to race again for a little while. I certainly won't go two years again, but my running just isn't where it needs to be to even enjoy a race. 
  • I ran at the track a couple of weeks ago so I can at least get this idea of racing and speed back into my mind. It was ... interesting. I was consistent, a little faster than I thought I'd be, but I didn't like it. 
  • I fell on a very flat trail after a root jumped up and hit my foot. That was nearly 2 weeks ago and I still have scabs. It really threw off my running for this month and set me back much more than I expected. But I march forward anyway. 
  • My biggest problem right now is eating and some weight gain, pretty much negating anything that I started the year with ... I just don't even know why I continue to have this issue. I know what to do, but when running isn't a high priority for me, I slip up. Often. 
  • In the next few weeks, I'll have baby no. 3 here and I'll then be 40. Life's on fast-forward and running isn't all that important. It will be again, but for now I'm going to be in maintenance mode. 

Back at the track

I miss running fast ... but I really don't know what "fast" means anymore. 

I could write a long post about what I haven't done and what I would like to do regarding getting faster, but it would a bunch of rambling nonsense. 

Simply put, I've done very little speed work in the past year. Today is what I hope is just the start of something new as I look to have speed workouts become part of my routine again.  

I visited a track today for the first time in more than two years. I did a simple ladder workout of 100 x 2, 200 x 2, 400 x 2, 200 x 2, and 100 x 2. It was the exact same workout I did two years ago.  

To my surprise, my splits were only a few seconds off what they were then. I thought I'd be much slower. It felt pretty miserable though, so just knocking off 2-3 seconds per split (and doing it consistently) will certainly take time.  

Getting back on the track today knocks off a huge goal of mine, and one of my monthly goals, but now comes the hard part of doing it again. I can't go two years without going back.  

Where I quit on running

As I briefly detail in my video above, I hit the track this weekend for my first track workout since the summer of 2007. That was pre-marathon days, pre-being a dad and pre-being older than 30.

More importantly, though, is that this run took place where I quit on running 16 years ago (I say 18 in the video, but it was 16 years ago when I graduated high school).

The spring of my senior year at Liberty High School in Bedford, I didn't want to run track. I had no motivation to spend a couple of hours a day in my final few months of school to run. Besides, when I was a junior, my best result was a 5:45 mile in which I still finished next-to-last place.

While I had fun at track meets and enjoyed cheering on others, my personal performances were of no help to the team. Of course in hindsight I think a little differently, but that's the mind-frame of a 17-year-old.

I didn't care about running then, and I didn't care about being in shape. I went to a few track practices early in the season and, simply put, I quit.

So 16 years later I returned to the spot that I quit and started something new -- a return to speed work on the track. Nearly five years after my last track workout, I pull off some consistent 800-meter splits -- 3:30, 3:32, 3:31 and 3:34. My intent was to do three, but I felt so good I did another one.

In looking back at a few posts from summer 2007, it looks like my 800 times are about the same. In my first track workout that summer, I pulled out splits from 3:24 to 3:33.

Having splits within 5 seconds of each other is a great feeling. It gives me a good sense of where I am with pushing myself right now and gives me something to build on. I couldn't be happier with the initial consistency. Next week when I go out there I'll mix it up a bit more.

For now, though, I'm really just happy that I finally did this. I have the same feeling about my bike, which I haven't written about yet. It's kind of stupid of me to have not done either sooner, but I believe that my training is about to go through some major changes.

Liberty High School track, Bedford, Va.