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When to say 'I'm back'


As I slowly mark off milestones, I wonder when it's appropriate to say "I'm back."

Is it a mileage milestone? Or finally doing a race again? Or setting a certain time in a race? Or when I finish all of my goals to finish a marathon? 

Or is it a day like to today, where I was running for a second straight day for the first time in two months and I fell on a trail at Rockwood Park?


As I posted on Instagram above, I think falling on a trail does give me that right to say "I'm back." I now have pains not related to my previous injury, and that surprisingly feels good. Also not getting seriously injured on a fall is another place. 

I'm not done saying "I'm back" though ... hitting certain mileage milestone and certain races and certain speeds will also be "I'm back" moments.

I'm only just beginning. 

Back to the top.

Sharp Top, Peaks of Otter

After nearly 10 years of running, I'm finally figuring out what really gets me turned around when things aren't going so well.

It isn't motivational quotes; it isn't conversations with friends; it isn't looking at what friends are doing to try and drum up some friendly competition. The things I see every day does not work for me.

What turns this ship around is actually getting out and forcing myself into a situation that is not exactly comfortable. It's all about doing something I know can be done, but will take quite a bit an effort to get there.

For me, it's always a trip to the mountains that makes me feel human again. Specifically, it's the climb up Sharp Top Mountain in Bedford that humbles me, and motivates me.

Today I headed up there with my friend Josh. As we started up, I knew how very real things were for me with hitting a low with running recently. I wish I hadn't waited so long to tackle this mountain.

On the trek up, there were times I really just wanted to stop. Let me catch my breath for 5 minutes.

Instead we kept going, really only stopping once for about a minute, and made it to the top.

I can't really explain what the feeling is like when you get to the top of a mountain. No matter where I've been or how bad or good things are, there's always this renewed sense of hope that I get when I've reach the summit.

Peaks of Otter summit

Abbott Lake - Peaks

Sharp Top Summit, Peaks of Otter

Now it's up to me to capitalize on this feeling ...

Off roading

It's not much, but for the past month I've run on nearby trails once a week. It's been quite refreshing to see something besides roads and cars. I don't know if this will translate into a trail race sometime soon or exploring more trails this summer, but for now it's something I'm going to keep doing ...

Rockwood Park, near pond

Tree at Rockwood Park

Rockwood Park pond