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Best time to run? Any time.

When I chose a year and a half ago to return to my career roots, I knew I was in for a wild ride. What I didn't quite expect, though, was my schedule being crazy and always changing. 

Starting next week -- and most likely lasting through summer -- I'll be working a really early shift, going in at 5 a.m. every day. I've worked this shift a couple of times a week quite a bit, and it's not nearly as bad as it sounds. 

It's just really easy to be extremely tired when the end of the day rolls around. 

So when it comes to running I'm going to be faced with having to run at my all-time least favorite time of the day -- mid-afternoon. 

But how bad is that, really? When I had a job six years ago when I ran in the middle of the day in crazy heat, I was in the best shape of my life and PRs started falling. After leaving that job, my running hasn't been anywhere close to that good. 

So I say bring on the summer and the heat and running at 3 p.m.  Just remind me to take water ... 

Moving beyond this weird month

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February started with so much promise with a lovely warm weekend. Then Old Man Winter laughed in our faces and brought record cold and a foot of snow from 2 snowstorms. 

That led to me changing my goal for Shamrock, but it didn't stop me from having a great month. While I was still focused on getting to 100 miles for the month, I fell a little short, mainly because of the first snowstorm and extreme cold that followed for several days. 

I still managed 97.5 miles, getting oh-so close to triple digits for the second time in three months. (Edit: when I first posted this, I said since 2013, but I completely forgot I ran 100+ miles in December!) Despite the cold weather, only a couple of those miles were on the treadmill. I probably could have got in a few more indoor miles, but opted to just cut back the mileage instead. 

Heading into March, I have two things on my mind: enjoying the Shamrock experience with no major goal and running more hills. With the Blue Ridge Marathon looming, I have to do more hills. Lots and lots of hills. The mileage will come naturally, so I'm not focused on that this month. 

It's time to keep it simple with a couple of goals, but more intense. Let's roll!

Snow run ... finally!

Snow provokes responses that reach right back to childhood.
— Andy Goldsworthy

I love a few runs on snow-packed roads in the winter. Living in Virginia, I'm usually lucky to not get too snowed in, so when it does snow I actually enjoy it. It's such an awesome sight. There's no traffic to worry about. It's also a bit of a cross training workout at the same time to practice balance and really focus on footwork. 

The cold air also seems more bearable when everything is covered in snow. 

This winter, though, I haven't had a nice run on snow-packed roads. It's been cold a few times. I've had several chilly, rainy runs. There have been lots of clouds. There was one run where it was snowing and sleeting, but that was just weird. I had given in to the line of thought that this would be a snowless winter.

Then came this week's massive storm. 

Last night's storm dumped 7 inches of snow in my neighborhood. And through this afternoon, no plows had scraped or treated the majority of the roads near me. Talk about the perfect opportunity to run. 

This was, quite simply, my favorite run of the year so far. Quiet. Calm. Peaceful. And a whole lot of other positive adjectives ... 

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