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Weigh-in Wednesday: Time for goals

I started weighing in regularly this month just to get used to the process again. I didn't intend on losing weight or put much effort into it -- I'm virtually the same as the first week (but less than last).  

But now comes the hard part -- creating an action plan to start losing weight again.  

I haven't come up with a specific goal for May, but it's going to start really simple. Like just a few pounds simple.

Later this summer I'll focus on my "goal shirt" so that this doesn't become all about the number on the scale.  

My ultimate goal is to be happy and comfortable, and I'm nowhere near that right now ... 

Wednesday weigh-in No. 2

Well that didn't work out so well. 

Easter candy got me. I had a small gain. It's like being back at square one before I made any progress, but I know it's my own fault. 

It's now time to STOP eating all the candy and move forward. 

On another note, I have found a shirt that used to fit me really well, but it's a bit too tight right now. I've made that my "goal shirt" -- it's a long-sleeve shirt that I want to fit into comfortably again by fall. 

Let's do this!

Wednesday weigh-in No. 1

Last week I promised to make Wednesdays "official" weigh-in days as I work toward getting back to my original weight loss from 13 years ago. 

This morning came and I was expecting the scale to not change, or perhaps be a fraction higher, but to my surprise it was 0.4 pounds less. 

That's really not much to get excited or hang my head about. I'm just glad I remembered to do it ...